Independence Meet at Dover

The Independence Meet at Dover Raceway was everything a motor racing fan could ask for. The rains came early and went, leaving an afternoon full of dry racing. Many different drivers mounted the podium, as close competition was the order of the day, as all the main contenders tasted victory throughout the day.

Thomas Hall in a yellow Toyota Turbo Starlet was the first to taste victory, as although David Summerbell and Guy Fraser crossed the line ahead of him in the IP29 class, they broke out of class and were demoted to 2nd and 3rd place respectively, Summerbell breaking out by a greater margin and suffering the greater penalty. Fraser was the only finisher in the second IP29 race in the afternoon, as the IP29, 35 and 39 categories are run concurrently.

L-R. Rae, Lee and Barrett.

In the IP35 category, female competitor Lisa Bowman-Lee bested the competition in her Honda Integra under damp conditions to place ahead of Gary Barrett from the Cayman Islands in a Honda Civic and Heath Causwell in a Mitsubishi Mirage RS. Lee was to back this up with another win in the 2nd IP race of the day, with Sebastian Rae finishing second there and Barrett 3rd.

Defending IP39 champion Rohan Clarke went about his business in much the same way as he did in 2006, starting with a win in the first race and a second place in the other for good measure. Ian Edwards was second in a Ford Laser and Julian Gordon in a VW Golf placed third on his first outing in his newly acquired car. Duane Rowe turned the tables on Clarke in the second race as he won ahead of him with Noel Golding Snr. placing 3rd.

It was then the turn of driver of the Pimpjuice sponsored Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, Matthew Gore to take center stage as he led the field from start to finish in the first race of the Modified Production 3 category. 2nd was David Summerbell and third was big brother Douglas Gore, who had to start from the back of the field as he had encountered overheating problems while qualifying. Matthew repeated the result in race 2, as he showed a clean pair of heels (or in this case, a back bumper) to Peter Rae in a Mazda RX7. Doug had a big moment in this race as he went high on 2 wheels in corner 1 on the inside of Matthew, who was having gear selection problems. Doug lost boost pressure as his intercooler hose came off when the car hit an object in the grass, which led to his retirement.

In MP2, Danny Bowla led Richard Martin and Heath Causwell across the line and was to back it up with a 1st in class and second overall in the 2nd race of the day, as his BMW M3 was really delivering on being the ultimate driving machine.

Don Gilbert in the Tropical Battery sponsored Suzuki Swift went home with a first and a second place trophies for his efforts in the MP1 class, as he won in race 1 and finished second to Duane Rowe in race 2. Gary Barrett added to his trophy tally for the meet with a 3rd in race 2, while it was Noel Golding Snr. and Duane Rowe who finished 2nd and 3rd in race 1.

Brian “Subby Dude” Foster did the double in the IP45 category in his blue Subaru Impreza as he dutifully stayed within the required time index of no less than 1 minute 45 seconds per lap in the streetcar category, as more exuberant competitors broke out of class (one of whom, Robert bailey, effectively eradicated all flying insects from the immediate environs of the track with bellowing clouds of smoke from the back of his Subaru Impreza) and were disqualified. Robert Davis (Honda Civic) and Garth Chin (VW Passatt Station wagon) were 2nd and 3rd in race 1 while first timer Kayde Walker in a 4 door Honda Civic sedan and Warren Walford in a Suzuki Swift were the podium finishers in race 2.

The Tyre Warehouse pace car brings the GTS field around for the start.

The “big juice” GTS class provided possibly the most exciting races of the day, as this is the class for the fastest cars. Early in qualifying it was clear what was to come, as David Summerbell snatched pole position for the race with a scorching 1.21. But in the first race it was Doug Gore’s turn to shine, as the superior power of his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 carried him past Summerbell on the drag race to the first corner, taking younger brother Matthew with him as well as the two Team Mobay Racing cars passes on either side of Summerbell’s VW Magnum prototype. Summerbell was left to battle Peter Rae for the bronze award, as Rae’s Mazda RX7 was running flawlessly at this meet, it close gearing playing a sweet song of exhaust notes across the track. Mike Causwell (Ford Escort), Danny Bowla (BMW M3) and Pinky McGann (Mitsubishi lancer Evolution 1) were the others to finish that race.

In GTS race 2 Summerbell opted to switch from his Magnum and try his luck with his Evolution 6. Starting from third place on the grid, he quickly moved to make it three cars wide in corner 1, again with the Gore brothers. It was Doug who exited first, followed by Matthew, but by the next corner “King David” dove to the inside of Matthew to make the pass of the meet in this

David to the inside of Matthew

writers opinion, leaving him for dead. He hounded Doug for the next lap and passed him as the older Gore slowed with a punctured left front tire. To the many fans in attendance, King David was again where he belonged, in so much that they pulled him from the car at the end of the race and hoisted him on their shoulders, marching him around the car much in the same way as his biblical namesake was honored on return from his many triumphant battles. That switch of cars was to be his undoing however, as the rules state that in a two-part race, the same car has to be used. As such, he was excluded from the results of not only this final race of the day, but the first IP29 race as well, as his Evolution was in eligible for the Improved Production category in addition to using slick tyres.

This meet was characterized by efficient admission, proper security, abundant food and drink, a kids zone where children’s activities could keep a youngster occupied for days, frequent giveaways from series sponsor Cable & Wireless in the b mobile booth, efficient working of marshals, scorers and timekeepers and a large crowd which were kept on their feet as the excitement of the racing reached fever pitch. This event sets the stage for the Heroes day meet in October, which will bring down the curtain on the first year of the three-year partnership between the Jamaica Race Driver’s Club and Cable and Wireless. Don’t miss the next event on October 15, as it will be even better than this.

The event was sponsored by Cable & Wireless Online High Speed, The Auto Report, Pimpjuice, Exmil Security Services Ltd., Tyre Warehouse, Guardian Fencing, KLAS Sports Radio, Irie FM and Power 106.

Source-Dean Corrodus.

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