JMMC/Automotive Performance Centre Ironshore Tarmac Sprint #3 results

By Dean Corrodus. Photos by Michael Samuels.
JMMC/Automotive Performance Centre Ltd Ironshore Tarmac Sprint #3 report and results

The 3rd round of the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club’s (JMMC) National Sprint championship was held on Sunday, June 19 in the resort city of Montego Bay at the popular Ironshore venue, and it brought an exciting tarmac season to a close with keen competition on the track amongst drivers vying for the top spots. The event was made possible by advertising partners The Automotive Performance Centre Ltd, Twisted Kilt, ATL Automotive, Beep Beep Tyres, Batteries and Lubricants, The Jamaica Automobile Association, Lloyds of Montego Bay, Liquid Nitro Energy drink, Wards Power Tools, A&B Fashion Signal, KFC, Catherine’s Peak and Tru Juice.

The day dawned bright and clear with the promise of excellent weather and great conditions for racing, but elsewhere in the western Jamaica torrential rainfall was to prevent many patrons from attending the event. Nevertheless, those that made it were treated to some of the closest racing in recent times, as Alan Chen in a turbocharged rear wheel drive Toyota Corolla sponsored by PaveCon Ltd/Allied Trucking swapped fastest times with Kyle Gregg in the naturally aspirated BD Gregg & Bros/Konig Wheels/Tein Suspension Honda Civic between the three 2 lap and the championship 3 lap sections.

In the JA2 class, Maurice Whittingham chose to drive his Toyota Levin rather than the Rear wheel drive Starlet that he competed with the last time at this venue and placed 2nd in the class, with first time Ironshore entrant Daryl King in the Ankara Auto Toyota Starlet in 3rd.
Sebastian Rae in the Walkerswood Foods/Ankara Auto Mitsubishi Mirage RS won the JA3 class ahead of Leroy Spence and Nigel Wilmott who shared the FencePro/Racing Syndicate sponsored Honda CRX.

Ian Wright had a point to prove after spending many hours preparing the 4 wheel drive turbocharged Wrightouch Mitsubishi Colt RS, and the crowd was hushed as he fired up the 2 litre boosted powerplant. Even more oohs and ahhs were heard when he launched it from the start on his 1st run, posting what was to be the 2nd fastest time of the day up to that point. On his 2nd run, a brake rotor gave way after a damaged axle bearing let go, sidelining him for the rest of the day, but his 1st run time was still good for the win of the JC2 class with the “Beastmaster” Ian Edwards in 2nd place in his Mazda 323.

Class JC1 was won by Nigel Edwards in the Team Browns Town Racing/Liquid Nitro Energy Drink/Speedzone Auto Parts VW Golf Gti for the 2nd time this year, ahead of Cleve “Cutta Hype” Ottey in his blue Toyota Starlet.

The national sprint championship for 2011 has continued to include a street car class, now divided into two wheel drive naturally aspirated, two wheel drive forced induction and four wheel drive.
The classes were won by Pernell Fitz-Coy (Toyota Corolla Allex), Douglas “Hollywood” Gore (Audi S5 sedan) and newcomer Kavan Bonner (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV) respectively, with Bonner winning the award for the most improved street car competitor as well, showing the greatest improvement between his 1st and 3rd runs.

Street Class 2wd NA   Car   1st run   2nd run   3rd run   Best Time
1. Pernell Fitz-Coy   Toyota Corolla Allex   03:33.215   03:24.725   03:12.310   03:12.310
2. Clive Thompson   Mini S/wagon   04:25.050   04:14.075   DNS   04:14.075

Street Class 4wd
1. Kavan Bonner   Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4   03:42.390   03:38.890   03:20.110   03:20.110

Street Class 2wd FI
1. Douglas Gore   Audi S5 sedan   03:13.885   03:09.355   03:05.615   03:05.615
2. Kirk Marston   Toyota Starlet turbo   03:40.035   03:34.470   03:29.570   03:29.570
3. Richard McBean   Toyota Starlet turbo   03:48.575   03:42.295   03:32.160   03:32.160
4. Kingsley Scott   Toyota Corolla DX   03:47.645   03:45.370   03:32.670   03:32.670
5. Garth Chin   VW Passat S/wagon   03:46.210   03:47.475   03:37.130   03:37.130
6. Terri Stubbs   Toyota Corolla SR5   DNS   03:45.085   03:41.335   03:41.335
7. David Mullings   Toyota Starlet turbo   DNS   DNS   DNS

1. Kyle Gregg   Honda Civic Si   02:23.280   02:25.730   02:21.065   02:21.065
2. Maurice Whittingham   Toyota Corolla Levin   02:29.910   02:27.485   02:27.380   02:27.380
3. Daryl King   Toyota Starlet   02:32.925   02:29.605   02:31.315   02:29.605
4. Robert BahadourSingh   Toyota Corolla SR5   02:36.775   02:45.175   02:54.115   02:36.775
5. Randall Paragon-Singh   Toyota Corolla DX   02:43.960   02:43.265   02:41.490   02:41.490
6. Troy Bernard   Toyota Starlet   02:56.790   02:52.420   02:51.000   02:51.000
7. Marvin Porteous   Toyota Starlet   DNF   DNS   DNS

1. Sebastian Rae   Mitsubishi Mirage RS   02:27.352   02:23.775   02:22.465   02:22.465
2. Leroy Spence   Honda CRX   02:33.410   02:28.775   02:29.800   02:28.775
3. Nigel Wilmott   Honda CRX   02:44.475   02:33.400   02:30.565   02:30.565
4. Dwain Gayle   Honda Integra   02:33.260   02:31.295   DNS   02:31.295
5. Keith Saunders   Chevrolet Chevvete   02:36.020   02:31.495   02:31.905   02:31.495
6. Richard Chan   Toyota Corolla GT   02:39.615   02:37.145   02:41.460   02:37.145
7. Ricardo Scott   Toyota Corolla   DNF   03:13.585   03:11.240   03:11.240

1. Alan Chen   Toyota Corolla SR5   02:26.535   02:25.555   02:20.915   02:20.915

1. Nigel Edwards   VW Golf Gti   02:28.125   02:26.265   02:25.020   02:25.020
2. Cleve Ottey   Toyota Starlet turbo RWD   02:42.260   02:33.600   02:30.860   02:30.860

1. Ian Wright   Mitsubishi Colt 4wd turbo   02:25.245   02:32.050   DNS   02:25.245
2. Ian Edwards   Mazda 323   DNF   02:32.700   02:31.795   02:31.795
3. Dennis Bicarrie   Toyota Starlet   DNF   03:12.580   03:04.020   03:04.020

Championship 3 lap
1. Kyle Gregg   Honda Civic Si   03:29.925
2. Alan Chen   Toyota Corolla SR5   03:30.980
3. Maurice Whittingham   Toyota Corolla Levin   03:38.275
4. Keith Saunders   Chevrolet Chevvete   03:44.955
5. Daryl King   Toyota Starlet   03:45.655
6. Leroy Spence   Honda CRX   03:46.865
7. Troy Bernard   Toyota Starlet   04:12.420

Fastest Overall & fastest 2WD

1. Alan Chen   02:20.915
2. Kyle Gregg   02:21.065
3. Sebastian Rae   02:22.465

Best prepared Nigel Edwards
Most Improved street car Kavan Bonner
Most Improved race car Nigel Wilmott

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