Wet ‘n Slide, JMMC Dexterity #1 2012, Saturday night, February 18.

The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club’s 2012 national dexterity championship will kick of at 8pm on Saturday night, February 18 at ATL Bogue City Centre, when the skillful drivers drivers return to the venue that saw an exciting first visit in October, 2011.

Five events were successfully completed last year, and this year sees the first of ten events early on the calendar, as the series moves to various locations across the island, but starts out in its spiritual home…Montego Bay.

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Dirt Race JMMC Sprint #2, Sunday, February 5, 2012

Take a nice road trip on Sunday, February 5 and travel to Jamaica’s beautiful North Coast where the countdown is on to the 2nd dirt sprint of the national Sprint championship, to be held at Badda Badda Raceway on Sunday, February 5, starting at high noon.
There is enough time to have a sumptuous brunch at several available restaurants across the island, whether travelling from Kingston or Montego Bay, Mandeville or May Pen, Negril or Port Maria, as the event starts at 12 noon and runs till sunset, giving all an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our green isle of the Indies both on the morning drive to, or on the sunset drive from, the centrally located venue.
In the 1st round held at Jamwest Speedway on January 15, Jordan Powell took maximum points in the fully subscribed JA2 class to lead the class championship with 150 points, followed by Daryl King in 2nd place on 110 points and Matthew Gore on 90 points in 3rd.
In the JA3 class, Dean Corrodus leads with 110 points ahead of Keith Saunders on 70, with Spencer Whittingham leading the JN8 class with 130 points ahead of Richard Chan on 100 and Peter and Jackie Jaggon in 3rd and 4th respectively.
In the overall championship standings, King had managed to turn the tables on Powell to capture the win of the three lap top ten championship run, and now leads with 20 points ahead of Powell on 15 and Gore on 12, followed by Maurice Whittingham on 10 and Corrodus on 8.
There will be a special taxi man challenge to be run on the day, with entertainment and music provided by KillaMilla and DJ Blaxx.
JMMC Sprint #2 2012
Sanctioned by the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club and held under the present Code and under the Present Motor Sports Rules and Regulations of the JMMC.  This event is open to all members in good standing with the JMMC and its affiliate Clubs
Permit #: JMSP 2012 2
Name of Event Badda Badda Dirt race JMMC Sprint #2
Date Sunday, February 5, 2012
Location Badda Badda Raceway, Priory, St Ann.
Start 12:00 p.m.
Tech Inspection & Sign In 10 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. : Vehicles will be checked for roadworthiness
Drivers Meeting 11:45 a.m. @ Official Tent
Type of event Loose surface sprint.
Trophies As per JMMC Regulations.
License Requirements JMMC Provisional Competition License or higher.
Entry Fees $3,000.00.  Cheques made payable to The Automotive Performance Centre Ltd.
Entries Open Tuesday, February 1, 2012 @ The Automotive Performance Centre Ltd, 3 Cottage Rd,
Montego Bay @ 9 am.
Entries Close Sunday, February 5, 2012 at 11:30 am.
Results Posted on the official notice board ½ hour after close of competition.
Official Notice Board Timing Tent at the start/finish line
Event Officials
Organizer Dean Corrodus 361-9800
Secretary: Kaydean Cunnigham
Clerk of the Course: Pernell FitzCoy 371-1292
Chief Steward: Michael Fennell Jr. 470-3134
Stewards Tom Williams 382-3885; Chris Sunderland 579-8570
Scrutineer Cory Walters 503-2117
Insurance: Thwaites Finson & Sharp et al.
Medical Team: Gentle Care Ambulance Service
Doctor: Dr. F. Pencle
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2012 Fee structure

Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club • Kingston, Jamaica • www.jamaicamotorsports.com

2012 Fee Structure

Please be advised of the following fee structure and associated costs effective January 1, 2012.

JMMC Membership: $3,500.00

Competition Licenses:

Provisional:  $3,500.00

National Codriver (ONLY): $4,000.00

National Driver: $4,500.00

International ‘C’ Seed: $6,500.00

Kid Kart: $2,000.00

JKA Junior: $2,500.00

JKA Senior Provisional: $3,500.00

One day license: $500.00

License reprint $500.00

? JKA Kid, JKA Junior & JKA Senior Provisional license are valid for Karting ONLY.

? A JMMC Provisional license is valid for Drivers in Dexterities and Sprints only and

Rookie drivers in Circuit can only complete their first year on a JMMC Provisional


? A JMMC National Driver license is the minimum license requirement for all Drivers in

Sprints, Rallies & Circuit events except in the case of a Rookie as above. To be

considered eligible to drive in Rallies a competitor must have safely and successfully

completed 3 Speed events (A Dexterity is not a speed event)

? A JMMC National Co-driver license is for persons who compete as co-drivers only

BUT DO NOT drive in any other discipline and can only be used for rallies

Event Sanction fee:

Drags, Circuit, Sprints, Rallies: $25,000.00

Karting, Dexterities: $15,000.00

Event Entry fees:

Dexterities:  $1,500.00

Sprints: $3,000.00

Local Rallies:  $10,000.00 (this doesn’t apply to Rally Jamaica)

Insurance for events may be subject to change based on requirements from Insurers however for the moment the fees are as follows:

Dexterities & Sprints: $19,975.00 inclusive of GCT

Local Rallies: $1,800.00 + $2,000 Insurance Service fee & GCT per competitor

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Jamwest Race of Champions JMMC Sprint 1, 2012 results

The first speed event of the 2012 season was held at Jamwest Speedway, Old Hope, Westmoreland on Sunday, January 15, 2012, under ideal sunny skies that made for perfect opportunities to capture colorful images of the cars entered in the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club’s National Sprint Championship, this event being the first of six rounds on the 2012 calendar.

The patrons on hand were treated to an expanded, shaded seating area with a commanding view of the facility, with a new competitor paddock area and the smoothest, widest 2.3 km dirt track surface on the island. The rooster tail dust clouds thrown up by the cars on track was a sight to see and photograph, but it didn’t do any favors for the drivers and course workers lungs and clothes!

Overall winner.

Posting the fastest time of the day at only his second dirt sprint event was 2nd generation racer Spencer Whittingham, driving the Megamart Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V. He was able to stay ahead of Team Challenger Racing’s Richard Chan in the Excel Electronic Security Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV and they were followed in the JN8 class by the husband and wife pair of Peter and Jackie Jaggon driving the Island Gases Subaru Impreza WRX.

Alan Chen won the JA4 class in his rear wheel drive Toyota Corolla while Dean Corrodus, driving the Maxxis Tyres /Automotive Performance Centre Ltd/Superior Auto Parts/ATL Automotive Honda Civic Type R, won the JA3 class ahead of elder statesman Keith “Slicks” Saunders in a Chevrolet Chevette that was a crowd pleaser from the day started with his aggressive, sideways driving style for a man of his age!

JA2 class battle

The closest battles of the day occurred in the JA2 class between a group of five Montegonians: Jordan Powell in the R & B Auto Parts Toyota Corolla FX; Daryl King in the Thrifty Gas Hondas Civic SIR; Matthew Gore in the WOW Cran Wata Team Mobay Racing Toyota Starlet; Maurice Whittingham in the Carz Rehab Toyota Corolla Levin and James march in the Team Mobay Racing Toyota Corolla FX. Powell got the better of the field with a scorching 2nd run time of 3 minutes 19.833 secs. to be followed by King in his first competitive outing in this car with a time of 3.20.24 set on his 1st run and Gore in 3rd with a best time of 3.24.45. Whittingham and March were a bit further behind at 3.29.22 and 3.29.70 respectively.

Top 10 Championship run.

Daryl King won the battle between Powell in the 3 lap championship section of the event, posting a time of 5.01.01 a mere .06 seconds ahead of Powell who posted 5.01.07. They were followed by Gore, Whittingham and Corrodus as the sun set in the western sky to end a day of close racing.

For further information on this event and other events, visit our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/events/202549919839715/, the club’s website at www.jamaicamotorsports.com or call Dean Corrodus @ 940-0000.

Results Car 1st run 2nd run 3rd run Best


1. Jordan Powell Toyota Corolla FX 3.22.64 3.19.833 3.21.94 3.19.833

2. Daryl King Honda Civic 3.20.24 3.22.46 3.21.46 3.20.24

3. Matthew Gore Toyota Starlet 3.25.06 3.24.45 2.25.63 3.24.45

4. Maurice Whittingham Toyota Corolla Levin 3.44.05 3.30.34 3.29.22 3.29.22

5. James March Toyota Corolla FX 3.31.62 3.29.70 3.33.89 3.29.70

6. Tony Fu Toyota Corolla GT 3.42.02 4.30.86 3.45.32 3.42.01

7. Marvin Porteous Toyota Starlet 3.42.81 3.43.31 3.42.73 3.42.73

8. Kenji Lee Toyota Starlet 4.09.12 4.06.69 4.07.10 4.06.69


1. Dean Corrodus Honda Civic 3.23.17 3.23.79 3.25.78 3.23.17

2. Keith Saunders Chevrolet Chevette 3.39.03 3.39.72 3.42.16 3.39.03

3. Ricardo Scott Toyota Corolla DNF DNS DNS


1. Alan Chen Toyota Corolla 3.28.28 3.29.15 3.29.83 3.29.15


1. Spencer Whittingham Mitsubishi Lancer Evoltion V 3.20.99 3.17.80 3.37.71 3.17.80

2. Richard Chan Mitsubishi Lancer Evoltion IV 3.20.77 3.34.95 3.25.50 3.20.77

3. Peter Jaggon Subaru Impreza WRX 3.25.52 3.23.17 3.28.57 3.23.17

4. Jackie Jaggon Subaru Impreza WRX 3.55.94 3.51.57 3.56.05 3.51.57

Championship Run

1. Daryl King 5.01.01

2. Jordan Powell 5.01.07

3. Matthew Gore 5.12.08

4. M. Whittingham 5.17.48

5. Dean Corrodus 5.19.51

6. Alan Chen 5.23.35

7. Keith Saunders 5.28.20

8. Tony Fu 5.37.13

Video highlights here:


The next event on the calendar will be Dirt Race/JMMC Sprint #2 at Badda Badda Raceway in Priory, St. Ann on February 5, 2012.

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2012 Season Preview

Reggae Racing looks forward to record season.

Motor sport in Jamaica is on the rise and is making a growing contribution to not only the island’s sports-tourism product but to the local economies of the various cities, towns and villages that the events visit across the island on the way to bringing motorsports excitement and entertainment to every nook and cranny of the green isle, on a “hill and gully” ride of thrilling proportions. Record attendance at 2011 events and a solid calendar for 2012 indicate that the sport is headed in the right direction.

Affiliated to the world governing body of motorsports, Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC) is the island’s governing body for motor sport; it also represents the interests of its member clubs in discussions with Government departments which facilitate the sport in the island, in particular the Ministries of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

With the release of the 2012 calendar and reflecting on the 2011 season, it can be seen that despite the prevailing financial climate, interest in motor sport from participants, spectators and advertisers alike continues to rise. As a responsible governing body it is the duty of the JMMC to foster the growth and development of each genre of the sport across the island, spreading its activities through each of the fourteen parishes as much as possible.

The associations that organize motor racing in Jamaica are:

JMMC: The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club: rally, sprints & dexterities at venues islandwide. 7 Central Ave Kgn 5 Phone: 934-1288. www.jamaicamotorsports.com and http://www.facebook.com/pages/JMMC/178228662233660

President: Dean Corrodus Ph: 361-9800 Vice President: Rosie Jadusingh 381-5307.

JRDC: The Jamaica Race Drivers Club: circuit racing at Dover Raceway in St. Ann. 154 Constant Spring Rd, Kgn Ph: 924-5732

www.jrdc.org and http://www.facebook.com/groups/364423274312/

President Marck Carey Ph: 371-3760

JKA: Jamaica Karting Association: go karting at the Palisadoes International Raceway in Kingston.

159a Orange St, Kingston. President Peter Rae Ph: 891-9852 Vice President Neil Williams Ph: 383-5344.

http://www.iriekart.com/  and http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=50339976964

Jamwest Speedway: Drag Racing. For administration, contact Jerome Ennis, Home Solutions, Negril Ph 381-0872 Fax 957-4159. For operations, contact Winsor Young at Young’s Service Centre, 133 Dalling St, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland. Ph: 955-3751 Fax 918-3691


Irie Racing, Motocross and off-roading. 28 Allerdyce Drive Ph: 286-6149 http://www.facebook.com/IrieRacing

Here is the proposed 2012 motorsports calendar:


14 – JMMC Annual Awards ceremony

15 – JMMC Dirt Sprint #1, Jamwest, Westmoreland


05–JMMC Dirt Sprint #2, Badda Badda Raceway, Priory, St. Ann.

11 – NACAM Prizegiving, Panama.

12 – JKA #1

19 – JMMC Dexterity #1 Sat night, ATL Plaza, Bogue.

26 – Jamwest


04 – Rally 1

11 – JKA 2

18 – JMMC Dirt Sprint #3, Palm Springs Raceway, St. Elizabeth.

25 – JMMC JMMC Dexterity #2, Meikle’s Block Factory, Spur Tree, Manchester.


01 – Irie Motocross

06- Good Friday

08/09 – JRDC Easter Meet

15 – Stunt Wars Badda Badda, Priory, St. Ann.

22 – JMMC Dexterity #3, Tyre Warehouse Portmore, St. Catherine 29 – Jamwest/ JKA 3


13 – JMMC Rally #2

19/20 – JRDC Caribbean Championship Meet

23 – Labour Day

27 – JKA 4


03 – JMMC Dext #4/King of the Hill Barbados

08-10 – Rally Barbados

17 – JMMC Dirt Sprint #4 Thetford Great House, Clarendon.

24 – Jamwest


01 – JKA 5&6

08 – JMMC Dexterity #5, Master Block, Knockpatrick, Manchester. 15 – JMMC Dirt Sprint #5, Llandrumney, St. Mary

22 – Irie Motocross


01 – Emancipation Day

05/06 – Independence Day JRDC Meet

12 – Irie Motocross

19 – JMMC Dexterity #6, Junction, St. Elizabeth.

26 – JKA 6

September 23 – JKA 7

30- Jamwest


01 – JMMC Dexterity #7, Montego Bay.

07- Irie Motocross

14/15 – Heroes Day JRDC Meet

21 – JMMC Rally 3

28 – JKA 8


04 – JMMC Dirt Sprint #6 Venue TBA

11 – JMMC Dexterity #8, Jagstrip, Clarendon. 18 – JKA 9

25 – Jamwest


07-09 – JMMC Rally Jamaica Gravel

16 – Irie Racing/Dexterity #9, Llandrumney, St. Mary

30  – JMMC Dexterity #10

The annual awards ceremony of the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club will take place at the Wexford Hotel on Montego Bay’s Hip Strip on Saturday, January 14, starting at 7pm. Awards will be presented to winners in the sprint, rally, dexterity, marshalling and club categories. Dress code is chic Caribbean casual.

The first speed event of the 2012 season will get underway at noon the next day at Jamwest Speedway, Old Hope, Westmoreland, where intense preparation work is already underway, as the club kicks off a packed 2012 calendar with the first of 6 scheduled loose surface timed events. Set on a very fast 1.8 mile course destined to be Jamaica’s next paved circuit, the wide, smooth and totally enjoyable marl surface is being further refined to host the dirt sprint cars entered for the national sprint championship. Admission is adults $1,000.00 and patrons can look forward to an expanded, shaded seating area with a commanding view of the facility, with new competitor paddock areas and the smoothest, widest dirt track surface on the island.

For further information on this event, visit our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/events/202549919839715/, the club’s website at www.jamaicamotorsports.com or call Dean Corrodus @ 940-0000.

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Ferry Industrial Terrace
10 Argyle Road, Kingston 10
Tel-(876)934-1288 / 322-5314. E-Mail: JMC@KASNET.COM, jamotoringclub@gmail.com