Wet & Slide JMMC Dexterity #1, Saturday, February 18, 2012

Text by Dean Corrodus, Photos by Donovan Montaque.

The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC) staged the first of ten dexterity events for the 2012 season at the ATL Bogue City Centre parking lot in Montego Bay on Saturday night, February 18. The night dexterity idea made a welcome return courtesy of ATL Automotive’s state of the art dealership facility at Bogue City Centre, representing industry leading brands Audi, VW (ATL Autohaus) and Honda (ATL Motors) and backed up by the prestigious Jaguar, Range Rover and Land Rover marques (ATL Britannia). The venue offered an attractive background for the exciting and entertaining wet tarmac format of this entry level of motorsports and saw huge cheers from the crowd in attendance when their favorite drivers displayed flamboyant skill and car control in maneuvering their vehicles around the cones that marked the course.

Overall win

Maurice “Wurl Boss” Whittingham emerged with the fastest time of the night overall in winning the rear wheel drive with limited slip differential class in a time of 37.35 seconds in his Team mad Dem/Carz rehab Toyota Starlet, Whittingham is the defending dexterity champion and has won this class on numerous occasions. 2nd place was Cleve “Cutta Hype” Ottey, the only person to have beaten Whittingham in 2011, Upcoming star, young Jamar “Schoolaz” Kinkaid, placed third with solid, entertaining performances in the Kinkaid Cellular Toyota Corolla Levin.

The battle of the dealers

In the highly competitive front wheel drive class, Jordan Powell, driving the ATL Autohaus Volkswagen Polo for the first time, copped the top spot on the podium to reverberate the “ATL Unbeatable” marketing campaign, as 2nd place was the highest that double 2011 class winner and multiple class champion Christopher “Teach” McFarlane would manage on the night in the Stewarts Auto Sales Mitsubishi ASX. 3rd place was won by McFarlane’s team mate Courtney Wilson.

The front wheel drive with limited slip differential class was won by Ameer Johnson in the Team mad Dem/Carz rehab Toyota Corolla Levin with Tony Fu of Team Challenger racing 2nd driving his Toyota Corolla GT.


Top circuit driver Douglas “Hollywood” Gore drove his  ATL Automotive Audi A4 coupe to victory in the four wheel drive class, with Team Challenger’s Richard Chan in 2nd place in a Toyota Starlet, both cars  being at opposite ends of the size spectrum with the powerful and wide Audi getting the better of the nimble Toyota in the class.

In the 2 lap championship run for the top ten fastest competitors, Whittingham again stood on the top step of the podium with a time of 1.08.58, with Powell in 2nd place in 1.10.49 and McFarlane 3rd a whisker away in 1.10.97.

The next two events on the motorsports calendar take place next Sunday when Jamwest Speedway in Westmoreland, stages the first drag race meet of the season with a provocative titled event; Run your car, not your mouth!”.

At the other end of the island, the Jamaica Karting Association starts their season with the first of ten meets scheduled for the year at the Palisadoes International Raceway, just across from the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

1st run 2nd run 3rd run Best Time Points


1. Maurice Whittingham Toyota Starlet 39.38 40.62 37.35 37.35 150

2. Cleve Ottey Toyota Starlet  42.01 39.22 1.09.38 39.22 110

3. Jamar Kinkaid Toyota Corolla 46.19 40.59 41.09 40.59 90

4. Ron Samuels Toyota Starlet DNF 41.04 51.64 41.04 80

5. Kingsley Scott Toyota Corolla DX 41.45 46.02 45.06 41.45 70

6. Dennis Bicarie Toyota Starlet 42.01 53.55 55.07 42.01 60

7. Terri Stubbs Toyota Corolla SR5 43.79  45.94 44.33 44.33 50

8. Salvador Davis Toyota Corolla 44.5  DNF DNF 44.5 40

9. Ian Wright Toyota Tacoma 47.19 44.82 49.07 44.82 30

10. Owen Wong Ken Mazda RX7 52.45 44.99 47.74 44.99 20

11. Christopher Scott Toyota Corolla 45.41 59.35 45.59 45.41 20

12. Dayne Graham Toyota MR2 51.59 DNS DNS 51.59 20

13. Brandon Bayley Haye Ford Escort  DNF 1.03.25  56.35 56.35 20


1. Ameer Johnson Toyota Corolla Levin 46.25 43.21 39.65 39.65 70

2. Tony Fu Toyota Corolla GT DNF 44.57 42.95 42.95 50


1. Douglas Gore Audi S4 Coupe 42.35 DNF DNF 42.35 130

2. Richard Chan Toyota Starlet DNF 43.55 42.99 42.99 100

3. Dominic Peterkin Subaru Impreza WRX DNF DNF DNF DNF

4. Macklin Peterkin Subaru Impreza WRX DNF DNS DNS DNF


1. Jordan Powell VW Polo 40.58 38.99 37.75 37.75 130

2. Christopher McFarlane Mitsubishi ASX 39.3 40.98 40.5 39.3 100

3. Courtney Wilson Mitsubishi ASX 46.31 44.96 44.27 44.27 80

4. Kemar O’Brian Mitsubishi ASX  DNF 49.59 44.98 44.98 70

5. Stephen Wright Toyota Starlet 46.65 DNF 57.29 46.65 60

6. Damian Francis Toyota Corolla Levin 52.64 48.7 DNF 48.7 50

Championship run

1. Maurice Whittingham                1.08.58                           20

2. Jordan Powell                            1.10.49                           15

3. Christopher McFarlane              1.10.97                           12

4. Cleve Ottey                               1.14.05                           10

5. Jamar Kinkaid                            1.15.05                             8

6. Douglas Gore                            1.17.78                             6

7. Tony Fu                                     1.20.45                            4

8. Ameer Johnson                         1.25.42                            3

9.  Kingsley Scott                          1.26.32                            2

Fastest Overall and fastest 2WD Maurice Whittingham

4×1 relay winner: Team Mad Dem:

Maurice Whittingham, Christopher Addison, Christopher McFarlane, Ameer Johnson.

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Dirt Race/JMMC Sprint #2 report and results

Text by Dean Corrodus

Photos by Donovan Montaque.

The second speed event of the 2012 season was held at the seaside Badda Badda Raceway in Richmond, Priory, St. Ann on Sunday, February 5, 2012. Although persistent rain over the last three days leading up to the event rendered a portion of the track unusable, some quick adjustments to the course were effected and the drivers entered in the national sprint championship took to the course in vengeance at just before 2 pm.

Overall winner.

Blistering the partly muddy track to post the incredible fastest  time of the day was the R & B Auto Parts sponsored Jordan Powell driving a Toyota Corolla FX, winning in the process the JA2 class for the second time this year in as many starts. Powell won the trifecta by posting the fastest time in the JA2 class, the fastest two wheel drive time of the day and the fastest overall time of the day for good measure. A close rivalry with childhood friend Daryl King driving the Thrifty Gas Honda Civic was to set the tone for the day, as both youngsters shared the front passenger seat when Daryl’s father, racing legend Raynor King, used to take them to prep school in years gone by in one of his many fast cars. Only a fraction of a second separated then again at this events, and both are definitely a cut above the current crop of drivers entered in the events. In third place was Maurice Whittingham in the Carz Rehab Toyota Corolla Levin.

King (left) and Powell share a handshake at the JMMC Sprint #2 after a close battle throughout the day.

Powell (left) and King negotiate the same corner at JMMC Sprint #2

Dean Corrodus crosses the line in his Maxxis Tyres/ATL Automotive Racing Honda Civic

In the JA3 class, JMMC Chairman and meet organizer Dean Corrodus again topped the division driving the Automotive Performance Centre Ltd/Maxxis Tyres/ATL Automotive Racing Honda Civic Type R ahead of gentleman racer Keith Saunders in his faithful Chevrolet Chevette. Ricardo Scott was third in class.

Thomas Hall, the sole entrant in the JA4 class, failed to finish a single run at the event due to a driveline component failure.

Peter Jaggon on his way to victory in the JN8 class.

The JN8 class was won by Peter Jaggon driving the IGL Gases Subaru Impreza WRX. He had a close battle with Dave Lee of Spot Valley Raceway fame, who was out in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII for the first time this season, and he showed why he has won the rally team title for the past three years by putting down a technical drive to claim 2nd place in class.

Richard Chan of Team Challenger Racing driving his Excel Electronic Security Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV got the better of Junior Barnes in the Bay Waata Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX in the top flight JA8 class.

Dave Lee on his way to winning the overall championship run.

In the 3 lap championship run for the top ten fastest cars, Dave Lee won with a time of  2.56.17, with Powell 2nd in 2.59.01 and Richard Chan just a whisker away in third in 2.59.69


Name Car 1st run 2nd run 3rd run Fastest time


1. Jordan Powell Toyota Corolla FX        2.18.61    2.11.79    1.59.88     1.59.88

2. Daryl King        Honda Civic                2.23.78     2.11.10    2.00.45     2.00.45

3. Maurice Whittingham Toyota Levin    2.36.72    2.20.17     2.08.14     2.08.14

4. Matthew Gore   Toyota Starlet          2.39.40    2.13.69     2.13.61     2.13.61

5. Tony Fu            Toyota Corolla GT     3.07.38    2.22.59     2.18.16     2.18.16

6. Kenji Lee           Toyota Starlet          DNS          DNS            DNS          DNS

7. Marvin PorteousToyota Starlet         DNS          DNS            DNS          DNS


1. Dean Corrodus     Honda Civic Type R 2.31.17   2.16.28   2.09.56     2.09.56

2. Keith Saunders     Chevrolet Chevette 4.56.86  2.28.07   2.19.78     2.19.78

3. Ricardo Scott        Toyota Corolla      DNS            4.03.25  2.43.15     2.43.15


1. Thomas Hall           Toyota Starlet      DNF           DNS           DNS         DNF


1. Peter Jaggon           Subaru Impreza WRX                  2.13.93    2.09.24   2.00.27  2.00.27

2. Dave Lee                 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII   2.14.79   2.17.79   2.01.21   2.01.21


1. Richard Chan           Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV     2.23.71    2.09.43   2.00.77   2.00.77

2. Junior Barnes          Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX      2.17.79    2.10.69   2.06.20   2.06.20

Fastest Overall

Jordan Powell       1.59.88

Fastest 2WD

Jordan Powell       1.59.88

Championship 3 lap run

1. Dave Lee            2.56.17

2. Jordan Powell     2.59.01

3. Richard Chan      2.59.69

4. Daryl King           3.01.45

5. Peter Jaggon      3.01.77

6. Matthew Gore     3.03.26

7. Dean Corrodus    3.08.43

8. Junior Barnes      3.09.92

9. Maurice Whittingham  3.10.41

10. Keith Saunders     3.18.34

For further information on this event and other events, visit our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/events/202549919839715/, the club’s website at www.jamaicamotorsports.com or call Dean Corrodus @ 940-0000.

The next event on the motorsports calendar will be the Fosrich Lighting World/Automotive Performance Centre Ltd Wet ‘n Slide Dexterity #1 to be held at ATL Bogue City Centre on Saturday night, February 18, starting at 8 pm.

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