Jamaica Karting Association meet #3

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Slippery Wen Wett JMMC Dexterity #3 results

Jamaica Observer video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=seEYd5cVc4k#!

Article here: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/auto/-SLIPPERY-WEN-WETT–SIZZLES

Pos’n   Name   Car   1st run   2nd run   3rd run
1   Maurice Whittingham   Toyota Starlet   57:42   1:01:06   57:25
2   Jamar Kinkead   Toyota Levin   1:00:47   1:02:47   59:78
3   Cleve Ottey   Toyota Starlet   1:14:20   1:04:84   1:04:69
4   Randall Singh   Toyota Corolla   1:09:56   1:05:77   1:06:21
5   Dennis Bicarie   Toyota Starlet   DNF   1:11:69   1:11:35
6   Mark Lin   1996 S14   1:30:73   1:48:51   DNS
7   Gary Ellis   Toyota Corolla   DNF   1:41:73   1:51:94
8   Spencer Whittigham   BMW M5   DNS   1:46:76   DNS
9   Kingsley Scott   Toyota Corolla    DNF   1:47:22   DNS
10   Keith Saunders   1998 Chevorlet Chevette   DNF   2:14:56   DNF
Roger Lewinson   1988 Nissan Silvia   DNF   DNF   DNF
Colin Whittingham   BMW M5   DNF   DNS   DNS
Sean Sadler   Nissan Skyline   DNF   DNF   DNF
Ricky Vaz   1991 Madza RX7   DNF   DNS   DNS
Peditro Palmer   78 Toyota 1000   DNF

1   Garth Chin   1990 Merceedes Benz 190E   1:10:65   1:25:50   1:15:69
2   Sean McDonald   1991 BMW 318IS   1:56:17   1:31:53   1:21:23

1   Dion Gardner   1990 Toyota Starlet   DNF   1:05:56   1:05:09
2   Kamar Khan   2008 Lancer GT   1:14:54   1:15:73   1:16:58
3   Dmitri Dawkins   2006 Suzuki Swift   DNF   1:20:45   1:33:86

1   Christopher McFarlane   2008 Mitsubshi Lancer GT   DNF   1:04:72   DNF
2   Courtney Wilson   2008 Mitsubshi Lancer GT   DNF   1:19:84   1:14:07

1   Nigel Wilmot   2002 Suzuki 400 (Quad)   DNF   1:12:88   1:29:61
2   Oswald DaCosta   Yamaha 450 YFZ   DNF   DNS   DNS

Fastest Overall Maurice Whittingham
Fastest 2WD Maurice Whittingham

Championship run
1   Maurice Whittingham   56:785
2   Christopher McFarlane   1:01:815
3   Dion Gardner   1:04:47
4   Cleve Ottey   1:05:50
5   Courtney Wilson   1:10:235
6   Kamar Khan   1:08:075
7   Garth Chin   1:08:81
8   Jamar Kinkead   1:12:715
Randall Singh   DNF

Dennis Bicarie   DNF

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Slippery Wen Wett JMMC Dexterity #3

Slippery Wen Wett, the 3rd of ten dexterity test/exhibition events on the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club’s 2012 calendar is set to take place on Sunday, April 22 at the Tyre Warehouse location in Portmore, St Catherine, starting at 2pm. Competitors from across the island will converge on the sunshine community to bring thrills and excitement to the eastern end of the island, as the championship has had events both in western and central Jamaica so far.

Competitors are gearing up for the showdown and the fans will get a chance to see the skills of Richard “Sir Rich” Rerrie,  Cleve “Cutta Hype” Ottey, Kingsley “Soljie” Scott, Jamar “Skoolaz” Kinkaid, Christopher “Teach” McFarlane, Dennis “Krossbreed” Bicarie and others scorching the track.

Admission is adults $800.00, children under 12 $300.00.

Event sponsored by Jamaican Tuner, M&M Wheel Alignment, Kinkaid’s Cellular, Scott’s Auto Electrical, Carz Rehab, Tyre Warehouse, Dependable Auto and Liquid Nitro.

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Sebastian Rae is Easter Dover race meet champion

Rae is Dover Easter meet champion

Rae is Dover Meet Champ

BY KESI ASHER Jamaica Observer writer asherk@jamaicaobserver.com

Friday, April 13, 2012

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SEBASTIAN Rae is the Carnival of Speed 2012 Dover Meet Champion. He captured the Class Champion award for both the Bracket 32 and the Modified Production 2 races.

Driving his Walkerswoodsponsored Mitsubishi Mirage Mivec, Rae finished all three races ahead of the pack and paraded proudly with the checkered flag. He is sitting comfortable on 35 points.

“I am very pleased with this Meet Champion Award. I worked very hard and I will continue to do my best so that I can continue to be successful. I am gearing for the upcoming Labour Day meet and you can look forward to great things from me,” Rae told Auto.

Although the final TS2 race did not have the usual Battle of the Giants, as David Summerbell Time Attack Evolution 8 had a blown head gasket and Christopher Campbell’s BMW M3 crashed, Doug Gore was Unbeatable.

Gore, who was named Class Champion for TS2, won the very wet MP4 race 1 in the RWD Audi TT which proved far superior in the wet conditions. Even though the new tyre rule was in effect, Gore switched to suitable tyres as it was deemed a “rain race”.

David Summerbell Jr, in his AWD Evolution 8, however, grabbed the checkered flag in the second, dry, MP4 race 2. Due to hit, Gore spun out on the ‘hairpin’ corner due and was unable to finish the race. A control arm of the Audi had been damaged.

“The bolt in the control arm was broken when I was hit and I spun out when the bolt fell out. We fixed the problem for the TS2 race, but something was still wrong as there were major vibrations to the rear of the car. The MP4 race 1 win was very good for me, just a pity we didn’t have the [big] race at the end,” Doug explained.

Summerbell was named MP4 Class Champion for the Easter Monday meet and was delighted to have walked away with that prize.

“I wished we could have raced in TS2, I think we had a better than fair chance of winning the last race so we were very disappointed. We are happy with the speed of the car now but we didn’t have the right tyres to combat the rainy conditions,” said Summerbell.

With two-out-of-three wins for Gore and one-out-of-three for Summerbell, the stage is set for the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships in May.

Natalie Neita-Headley, minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Sports, who was at the race track said she enjoyed the event.

“It is very interesting and exciting. It’s my first experience and this is a good sport for tourism on the North Coast. I’m happy to see the kind of sponsorship. We encourage it and hope to foster more of it,” she said.

In the only motorcycle race ran, which was scaled down due to the wet track, Adrian Blake won the A-Class race on his Honda CBR-RR ahead of Dennis Chin-Quee and Randy Dyer. While Robert McDonald came out victorious in the BClass race on his Yamaha R6 ahead of Jason Troy and Caswell Lewis. Both races were ran simulanteously.

Other Class Champions for the meet were George Bayley in B27; Keith Mills for B38; Dwight Spence for B45N; Neilon Barnett for B45T; Team Brown’s Town’s Nigel Edwards for MP3; Sheldon Morgan for MP1, Dean Shaw for TS1, Adrian Blake for Motorcycle A and Robert McDonald for Motorcycle B.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/auto/Rae-is-Dover-Meet-Champ#ixzz1rvdsVdNi

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Jamaica Observer Carnival of Speed report

Wet and Wild Carnival of Speed at Dover

By Kesi Asher

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

THE Carnival of Speed Dover Easter Race Meet was a wet affair that saw drivers spinning, some crashing and others shooting to victory amidst the wet conditions.

As patrons poured into the venue under what could be described as showers of blessing for some drivers, the conditions proved less than favourable for others.

Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore in his ATL-sponsored Audi TT (foreground) on his way to victory in the MP4 race ahead of David Summerbell Jr in his Total-sponsored Evolution 8 during the Carnival of Speed Dover Easter Race Meet on Monday. (Photo: Naphtali Junior)


Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore, Sebastian Rae, Dean Shaw, Dwight Spence and Neilon Barnett reaped the most success, while David Summerbell Jr, Christopher Campbell and, Andre Anderson experienced rain related problems.

The MP4 race saw mixed results as Gore’s ATL-sponsored Audi TT crossed the finishing line before ‘King’ David in the first rain affected race, while Summerbell grabbed the checkered flag in the second dry MP4, after the WATAmarked four-ringed race car spiralled off the track after suffering a blow to the back rear rim, damaging the control arm.

The much anticipated Thundersport 2 race was comfortably won by Gore in his Petcom-sponsored Audi TT, while Summerbell Jr’s Total-sponsored Evolution 8 remained in the paddock due to a blown head gasket. Christopher Campbell crashed his BMW M3 in this race, after placing second and third in the MP4 races.

“The bolt in the control arm was broken when I was hit and I spun out when the bolt fell out. We fixed the problem for the TS2 race but something was still wrong as there are major vibrations to the rear of the car. The MP4 race 1 win was very good for me, just a pity we didn’t have the “race at the end,” explained Doug.

Summerbell expressed his disappointment at missing out on the TS2 race. “I wished we could have raced, I think we had a better than fair chance of winning the last race so we were very disappointed. We are happy with the speed of the car now, but we didn’t have the right tyres to combat the rainy conditions,” said Summerbell.

The Alan Chen vs Kyle Gregg encounter heated significantly in the cool Dover hills as both drivers went head-tohead in a knockout battle, which rendered Alan’s Toyota Starlet and Kyle’s Total-sponsored Honda Civic incapable of completing the second MP2 race. Gregg, who overtook lapped traffic on the inside, collided into Chen, who was in the lead.

“In pursuit of me, Kyle made an unwise aggressive move that resulted in the accident. The front end and chasis, rear differential and both rims were damaged in the accident,” said Chen.

Gregg, who won the first MP2 rainaffected race, explained that his move was not malicious. “The accident was an unfortunate racing incident, I did nothing wrong. I accidentally touched the front of the VW (lapped traffic) and it caused me to flip in the air, sending me right into Alan,” said Gregg.

Andre Anderson, a talented young driver, had significant spinning challenges on race day, as his Totalsponsored Mitsubishi Mivec wasn’t racing on rain tyres in the rain declared race. “I am disappointed, but I will come back stronger for the next meet,” said Anderson.

Sebastian Rae, in his Mitsubishi Mirage Mivec, had a super Carnival of Speed after winning both B32 races, as well as the second MP2 race. Rae’s race day performance was superb and has consistently maintained his dominance at Dover.

George Bayley, although taking home a crashed Evolution 8, placed first and third in the both B27 races. Charles Maxwell won the second race.

The first Thundersport race was won by Dean Shaw in his Pro Challenge Truck and he also enjoyed victory in the second MP3 race, ahead of Team Browns Town’s Nigel Edwards, whose VW Golf brought him victory in the first MP3 race. “I am happy about the victory, the car is new so I really put in the work to seal the victory. Next race meet look out for even more from me,” said Edwards.

Spencer Whittingham and Kirk Diaz won first place honours in the B38 races, while Neilon Barnett and Dwight Spence won both B45T and B45N races, respectively. Patrick Gore, cousin to Doug and Matthew Gore, won the first MP1 race in his Toyota Corrolla SR5, while Sheldon Morgan won the second race in a Mitsubishi Mivec.

In the only motorcycle race, due to the wet track, Adrian Blake won the A class race on his Honda CBR-RR, ahead on Dennis Chin-Quee and Randy Dyer in second and third, while Robert McDonald won the B Class race on his Yamaha R6, ahead of Jason Troy and Caswell Lewis.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/auto/Wet-and-Wild-Carnival-of-Speed-at-Dover#ixzz1rkBIKHtT

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