Driftmasters JMMC Dexterity #5


‘Cutta’ is king
BY JARMILA JACKSON Observer writer
Friday, July 13, 2012

WITH hundreds of fans cheering from the sidelines, it was the battle of the Toyota Starlets at the fifth round of the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club’s 2012 National Dexterity Championship on Sunday.
In an event dubbed Drift Masters, 19 of the island’s top drivers took to an obstacle course set up at the Master Block Factory in Knockpatrick, Manchester, to face the ultimate test of car control.
Cleve ‘Cutta Hype’ Ottey in his Toyota Starlet kicks up some dust to take top spot at Drift Master competition in Manchester on Sunday. (Photo: Jarmila Jackson)

Cleve ‘Cutta Hype’ Ottey in his Toyota Starlet kicks up some dust to take top spot at Drift Master competition in Manchester on Sunday. (Photo: Jarmila Jackson)

Cleve ‘Cutta Hype’ Ottey emerged victor after a series of blistering runs becoming the first person to defeat reigning Dexterity Champion Maurice ‘Wurl Boss’ Whittingham since the start of the season. Only seconds separated the two.

“It’s a great feeling; I haven’t won an event in close to a year now. So I’m quite happy about it. Usually I’m more concerned with putting on a show than with winning, but this time it was about both. I wouldn’t say I was timing myself when I was out there, but if you know your car you can tell when you’re wasting time,” Ottey told Auto.
Driving his blue Toyota Starlet, Ottey conquered the highly competitive rear-wheel drive with limited slip differential class, clocking the overall fastest time of the day (1:38:79 seconds) and the fastest two-wheel-drive time on his second run of the course.

Maurice ‘Wurl Boss’ Whittingham, driving the Team Mad Dem Toyota Starlet, was a close second at 1:40:75 seconds just ahead of Jamar ‘Sckoolaz’ Kinkead — sharing Ottey’s Starlet — scoring a time of 1:42:56 seconds.

Matthew Isaacs prepares to take a turn in his 1970 VW Beetle at Drift Masters

Sole competitor in the rear-wheel-drive class, Matthew Robinson Isaacs gave the crowd some entertaining spins in his Volkwagen Beetle while Kirkland Billings drove his Nissan Sunny to the top spot in the front-wheel-drive class.

Tony Fu (Toyota Corolla GT) and Richard Chan (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV) were the sole competitors in the front-wheel drive with limited slip differential class and the four-wheel-drive class, respectively.

Dennis ‘Krossbreed’ Bicarie in his Toyota Starlet, and Ian Wright — competing in his Toyota Corolla for the first time — were also among the crowd favourites.
Just before Whittingham defeated Fu and Chan in the championship run, everyone from quad bikers, including a go-karter and a man with motorised bicycle, tried their hand at the course, much to the delight of the spectators.

Javel Dias gets down and dirty in his lawn mower go kart .

As the evening drew closer, the ever entertaining Whittingham took to the course for a freelance run. Donning his Mexican wrestling mask he sped into the newly paved ‘skid pad’, twisting and turning around the cones before picking up his Team Mad Dem teammate Ameer Johnson — who stood dangerously close to the cones in the centre — mid 360. In the time it took to complete the spin, Johnson had taken over as driver, letting out Whittingham with the car still in motion, bringing the event to an exciting close.

Maurice ‘Wurl Boss’ Whittingham driving his Toyota Starlet to secure 2nd place in the RWD LSD class.

Damion Francis takes his Toyota Levin for a spin on the obstacle course at Drift Masters in Manchester on Sunday.

Pedreito Palmer prepares to take a turn in his 70 Toyota 1000 at Drift Masters

Craig Hammond takes his 1992 Toyota Corolla DX on a run of the course in Manchester on Sunday.

Mark Lin navigates the obstacle course in his 1996 S14.

Reigning Dexterity Champion Maurice ‘Wurl Boss’ Whittingham and his son Maurice Whittingham Jr, in between runs at Drift Masters in Manchester on Sunday. (Photo: Jarmila Jackson

Claudia Williams gets close to Cleve ‘Cutta Hype’ Ottey’s Toyota Starlet at Drift Masters on Sunday. (Photo: Jarmila Jackson)

Driftmasters JMMC Dexterity #5 2012
Pos’n Name Car 1st run 2nd run 3rd run Points
1 Cleve Ottey Toyota Starlet 1:41:84 1:38:79 1.41.80 150
2 Maurice Whittingham Toyota Starlet DNF 1:40:75 1:41:57 110
3 Jamar Kinkead Toyota Starlet DNF 1:42:67 1:42:56 90
4 Dennis Bicarie Toyota Starlet 2:16:23 1:50:81 1.45.50 80
5 Benjamin Hodaha 1992 Corolla DX No run 1:52:75 1.45.97 70
6 Ian Wright Toyota Corolla DNF 1:53:23 1.49.23 60
7 Mark Thompson BMW 320 1.51.34 02:01:47 1.55.83 50
8 Kingsley Scott Toyota Corolla 2:07:59 1:53:28 2.01.67 40
9 Mark Lim 1996 S14 2:18:83 2.12.75 1.59.55 30
10 Ray Hutchinson Toyota Starlet DNF DNF 2.01.96 20
11 Roger Lewinston BMW 320 DNS DNS 2:02:69 20
12 Shane Rhooms Nissan 200sx DNF 2:19:36 2.14.53 20
13 Craig Hammond 1992 Corolla DX DNS DNF DNF 10
14 Pedreito Palmer 78 Toyota 1000 DNF DNF DNF 10
1 Matthew Issacs 1970 VW Beetle 1.53.74 2.13.83 2.02.45 50
1 Kirkland Billings 1989 Nissan Sunny DNF 2:08:36 1:55:80 70
2 Damian Francis Toyota Corolla Levin DNF 2.05.44 DNF 50
1 Tony Fu Toyota Corolla GT 1.47.69 1.50.67 1.56.81 50
1 Richard Chan Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV No Time DNF 2.03.21 50
Fastest Overall Cleve Ottey 1:38:79
Fastest 2WD Cleve Ottey 1:38:79
JMMC Championship run
1 Maurice Whittingham Toyota Starlet 03:07:25 20
2 Tony Fu Toyota Corolla GT 03:17:15 15
3 Richard Chan Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV DNF 0.5
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