Provisional Results for JMMC Sprint #5

Sprint # 5 having been abandoned before completion is subject to JMMC rule # Regulation 4.1.5 as follows:

4.1.5 Abandonment
a) If an event is abandoned the following shall apply:
i) If at least one (1) complete round has been run, class points and awards will be given.
ii) Top 10 positions and championship points will be determined by the 10 fastest times existing at the time of abandonment. All incomplete rounds shall be ignored.

The JMMC therefore releases the following Provisional Results.

JA2 Car 1st run 2nd run Best
1. Daryl King Honda Civic SIR 2.04.920 1.59.955 1.59.955
2. Raymond Farqueharson Toyota Starlet 2.07.390 DNF 2.07.390
Troy Bernard Honda CRX DNF DNF
Chris Mcfarlane Toyota Starlet DNF DNF
James March Toyota Corolla FX DNF DNF
Keith Saunders Chevrolet Chevette DNF DNF
Tony Allen Honda CRX DNF DNF
1. Jordan Powell Toyota Glanza 1.55.345 1.49.090 1.49.090
2. Jamar Kinkaid Toyota Corolla Levin 2.05.690 DNF 2.05.690
3. Glaister Dunkley Toyota Corsa DNF 2.06.935 2.06.935
4. Jamiel Dunkley Toyota Corsa 2.17.240 2.08.950 2.08.950
Matthew Gore Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X DNF DNF
Saeed Muhammed Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III DNF DNF

Glaister Dunkley is not a JMMC member (JRDC member) and therefore does not score any points towards JMMC championships.

Based on JMMC Sprint Regulations trophies are awarded as follows:

JA2 – 1st place & 2nd place
JA3 – none awarded
JN8 – 1st place
JC1 – 1st place & 2nd place
JC2 – none awarded

Class Points are as follows:

1. Daryl King – 130 points
2. Raymond Farqueharson – 100 points

No points awarded.

1. Spencer Whittingham – 50points

1. Jordan Powell – 130 points
2. Jamar Kinkaid – 100 points
3. Jamiel Dunkley – 80 points

No points awarded.

Sprint Championship points are as follows:

1. Jordan Powell – 20 points
2. Spencer Whittingham – 15 points
3. Daryl King – 12 points
4. Jamar Kinkaid – 10 points
5. Raymond Farqueharson – 8 points
6. Jamiel Dunkley – 6 points

Please note official posting time will be 4:30 pm today and competitors are reminded that they have 24 hours to lodge any protests
All of the above noted points are to be applied to the relevant 2012 JMMC Championships.
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Sanctioning granted JMMC Sprint 5

The JMMC is pleased to advise that having now received the requisite documentation from the organizers of Sprint #5, the event has now receive full sanctioning and endorsement from the JMMC’s Competition Sub-Committee, as per the Rules & Regulation of the ASN.
We encourage all JMMC licensed competitors to go out and support the event.
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