Jamwest Circuit Attack ASRs

Additional Supplementary Regulations


Permit# MSF2013-02CM

Sunday March 3, 2013

This event is Sanctioned by the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club and held under the present Code and Motor

Sports Rules and Regulations of the JMMC, and the Technical Regulations of the Jamaica Race Drivers Club.

TIME & PLACE Jamwest Speedway, Westmoreland

Saturday & Sunday, March 2 & 3 – Technical Inspection

Sunday, March 3rd – Qualifying & Racing

THE COURSE The course is a 1.8-mile Closed circuit run in an anti-clockwise direction.


2 Hopeton Avenue (beside Bell Communications)


TEL: 924-5732


Event Organiser: Christopher McFarlane – 371-1088

Secretary: Monique Gibbs – 420-4929

Clerk of the Course: Verdayne Wallace – 378-3661

Chief Steward: Ibraheem khan- 487-6723

Stewards: Errol Anderson 383-0953, Wayne Piper- 322-6834

Chief Scrutineer: Neil Harvey – 875-8042

Starter: Alfred Paul Clayton – 997-8210

Chief Timekeeper: Toni Lyew – 560-7796

Finish line Judge: Marshalling Club of Jamaica (MCJ) rep – Jackie Clayton 381-2505

Chief Marshall: Donald Fuller – 990-4256

MEDICAL REPS Medical Doctors: Dr. Beckford, TBD

Ambulance(s): Negril Life Call

INSURANCE: Thwaites Finson Sharpe


Open to any JMMC Competition License Holder. All entrants must be JRDC Members to vie for JRDC Awards

at/from this event. Membership forms are available on the clubs’ website www.jrdc.org and will be made

available on qualifying and race day. The annual membership fee is J$2500.

Entries Open: Tuesday February 19, 2013 at the JRDC office, as below

Entries close: Sunday March 3, 2013 (10:00 am) at Jamwest Speedway

Entry Fee: $2,500.00

Entries will be accepted at: JAMAICA RACE DRIVERS CLUB

2 Hopeton Avenue (beside Bell Communications)


TEL: 924-5732

Entry forms are available from above location and are posted on www.jrdc.org web site.

Passes for entrants are allocated below. All other passes must be purchased at the regular price.


The registration procedure at the track is provided below:

By 10 am on Race Day all vehicles and personnel are required to have on the necessary credentials to be in the

paddock area.


A Valid JMMC issued Competition or provisional Driver’s license is mandatory, or competition license issued by

the ASN of the competitors country. Rookie drivers shall place a black triangle (no less than 1/2“ thick lines) on

the rear of their cars, in a prominent position. Drivers who have never completed 3 races in one calendar year

shall be considered rookies.


Drivers & Marshals: Kingston: Date & Time to be advised


ALL CLASSES (4) passes: (1) Driver & (3) Paddock

(1) Service Vehicle pass.

At registration, checking of licenses and signing of the insurance waiver will be mandatory. All credential (passes

etc) will be issued then. Drivers and marshals who are unable to attend shall make prior arrangements with the

organizers to do so at the track. The onus is on the driver or marshal to make the necessary arrangements.

Mandatory Drivers Briefing at the track, Sunday March 3 @ 10:00am, at a location to be announced in front of

the timekeepers box in pit lane. Please make every effort to attend this meeting.

At registration, checking of competition licenses and signing of the insurance waiver will be mandatory. A

technical inspection form will be handed out. The schedule for registration is listed on the attached event

program agenda.


At the preliminary technical inspection, the scrutineer shall be checking mandatory safety equipment, vehicle

safety, mechanical compliance to classifications (where possible), and required sponsors decals and logos.

Weighing of vehicles shall be a part of the preliminary technical inspection.

Post race / qualifying technical inspection shall take place immediately after each session. The first, second and

third placed cars in ALL CLASSES shall proceed DIRECTLY to the scrutineering / scale area to be weighed, and

checked for the necessary decals and logos. Bracket Classes will be checked for compliance with the Technical

Regulations. Failure to do so may result in disqualification, at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course. The onus is

on the competitor to present his car promptly for weighing. A random weighing and inspection of other Modified

Production and Thundersport cars competing may be ordered by the scrutineer after any track session. A

crewmember from each team shall remain with the car while it is in the scrutineering / scale area.

The first, second and third finishing Modified Production competitors may have their engine displacement

measured after race completion, at least once each day of competition. This requirement will not apply to

rotary engine cars.

All Bracket Class Cars shall display on both front doors, the class entered as set out in the example: B 27

All TOTAL B45 Forced Induction Cars shall display on both front doors, the class entered as set out in the

example: B 45T

All TOTAL B45 Naturally Aspirated Cars shall display on both front doors, the class entered as set out in the

example: B45N

All MP Class Cars shall display on both front doors, the class entered as set out in the example: MP1

Additional Supplementary Regulations: Heroes of Speed 2012 Page 4 of 10

All competitors are REQUIRED to have the competitors number labeled on the car’s fire extinguisher. All

competitors are REQUIRED to provide an additional fire extinguisher to be stationed in their bay/parking space.

This will be checked at scrutineering and noted in the vehicle logbook.


The Official Scales shall be available to all competitors during the event except for when post race technical

inspection is being conducted. The onus is on the competitors to have their cars at the proper weight. Weighing

of cars shall be done during preliminary technical inspection.


Location(s) of notice boards to be decided and information sent to all registered teams.

Competitors MUST check the Notice Board for their Grid positions.


Timing will be done using electronic timing equipment backed up manually by stopwatches.


A competitor is allowed 30 minutes to post a qualifying time. For Bracket Classes, a total of 45 minutes may be

allowed to post a qualifying time. At the commencement of each qualifying session the track announcer may

indicate the time remaining in 5 minute increments. The fastest lap time will be that competitor’s official

qualifying time. In the event of back up timing being used (stop watches). Each competitor is allowed three (3)

full laps to post their fastest qualifying time. The fastest of the three will be that competitor’s official qualifying

time. A competitor must qualify for each class entered or start after the previous last qualifying competitor in

that race.


Starting grids for the races shall be based on both qualifying times and finishing order in a previous race. Starts

shall be rolling starts. Starting Grids shall be limited to 40 cars. The first 40 cars shall qualify for the race in


Cars are only eligible to enter races which they are compliant for, as per the Technical Regulations.

Once the Grid has been called and deemed to be closed, the competitor arriving after that starts from pit lane.


Cars entering Modified and Bracket Classes MUST run in their respective classes; i.e. A MP3 car may not enter an

MP1/2 Race, and vice versa.

Bracket Class time classifications will be posted prior to Raceday, as the current bracket times are not relevant to

Jamwest. An official notice will be emailed to all entrants, and posted on the official notice board at Jamwest.


Trophies and Prize money shall be awarded in the following manner:

? Top 4 finishers in points amalgamated from both class races will be awarded for this event

? Points will be used to tally Overall Prize Money Winners only

Prize money shall be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, for finishers in each class, except the “Street Car”

Bracket class which will awarded 1-3 only. To be considered a finisher a car must complete 75% of the race

distance. Trophies will be awarded for Top 3 finishing positions.

Races will normally follow the two-race format for the awarding of points. If for unforeseen circumstance one (1)

race is held the single race format will be observed.

Championship Points Schedule

Single Race Format Two-Race Format

Race 1 Race 2

1st 16 1st 6 1st 10

2nd 11 2nd 4 2nd 7

3rd 8 3rd 3 3rd 5

4th 5 4th 2 4th 3

5th 3 5th 1 5th 2

6th 1.5 6th 0.5 6th 1

? Prize fund

o MP Class

? 1st $25,000

? 2nd $15,000

? 3rd $10,000

? 4th $5,000

o Bracket Class

? 1st $25,000

? 2nd $15,000

? 3rd $10,000

? 4th $5,000

o B45

? 1st $15,000

? 2nd $10,000

? 3rd $5,000


Garage allocation will be distributed upon Registration for entry.


Competitors using JRDC Transponders MUST ensure that batteries are properly affixed in the transponders

after receiving them from the Time Keeping area. Each transponder is issued with a new battery.

All competitors who use the JRDC’s transponders are REQUIRED to return them to the Time Keeping area by

the end of Race Day. Failure to do so, will result in a charge of J$5,000 along with the returned transponder,

payable to the JRDC. Competitors will not receive new transponders until this fee is paid and the outstanding

transponder is returned.


1. LOG BOOKS ARE MANDATORY for 2013 and will be available at the track.

2. The starter will display a WHITE FLAG at the commencement of the penultimate lap, to signal to drivers that

there is one lap remaining.

3. NO FIREARMS will be allowed in the paddock or in cars on track. Competitors and/or their crew members

who are found to be in violation of this rule may be BANNED from competing in the future.

4. Competitors are strongly encouraged not to enter the garages or tents of other competitors unless

specifically invited to do so.

5. Competitors are reminded that they are responsible for the actions of themselves and their crew members,

and any breach of conduct will result in strong disciplinary action, up to and including being banned from

participation in future JRDC events.

6. Proper Safety Garments must be worn by competitors during all on track activities including, but not limited

to, Official Practice, Qualifying and Race Sessions.


Service vehicles are to be parked in the designated areas only. All drivers trailers and wreckers are to park in the designated parking space. Special consideration will be given to competitors who do not have access to a garage.

Garages will be allocated on a first-come-first serve basis.


By 0.001 – 0.499 seconds –

Penalized 4 positions in current race or qualifying result.

Next Race lose 4 positions on grid.

By 0.500 – 0.999 seconds –

Lose 8 positions in current race or qualifying results.

Next Race lose 8 positions on grid.

Over 1.000 seconds –

Penalized to back of grid for current race or qualifying.

Start next race at the back of the grid.

Over 2.000 seconds –

Disqualified from current race or qualifying results.

Start next race from pit lane.

Over 3.000 seconds –

Disqualified from current race or qualifying results.

Disqualified from next race entry.

Automatically move up a Group when broken three times in a season.


All competitors may participate in the qualifying session to be held before the first race of the day. All the rules

surrounding B45 are in effect for all on-track sessions, including qualifying, and must be adhered to.

Grid positions for Race #1 will be determined by the fastest qualifier being awarded P1, with the seconds, will

have their 2nd fastest time WITHIN the time limit counting toward their fastest qualifying time. This is to detract

(by penalty) from the temptation for a competitor to push their car deliberately out of the time bracket during

this session.

Anyone who broke out of class and was deemed to have a DNF by means of disqualification from Race 1 will start

BEHIND the finishers of race #1 on the grid.

The B45 for this event will be amalgamated into one class. Only persons who have completed the IP45/B45

Training in the past will be allowed to race.


There will be no motor cycle racing for this event.

Starting Regulations for Cars

1. One pace lap precedes all races, unless the Chief Steward, at his discretion, authorizes an additional

unscored pace lap.

2. The pace car is will be positioned at the head of the pack, with emergency lights flashing. When the field

is released, the pace car may begin at a brisk pace, but will be sufficiently slowed before it pulls off the

track to allow orderly grouping of the field. Drivers may not pass the pace car until it pulls off the track

and the pole car will maintain the speed of the pace car before it pulled off track until the green flag. If

the race is not started, another pace lap will be run. The pace car may overtake the field and resume its

function. The front row drivers must not pass the pace car and the pace car may return to its position for

the additional pace lap if there is no start.

3. The Starter shall be safely located where the majority of the drivers in the field can clearly see him as

they approach his position. He shall remain motionless, with the green flag hidden, and no other flags


The Starter will start the race by suddenly and continuously waving the green flag until all cars have

passed the start line if the field is:

a) at a constant slow speed;

b) well bunched and in the staggered grid formation, i.e.the following car’s front axle should not be forward

of the rear axle of the leading car.

c) close enough to the Starter that the majority of the drivers can see the flag.

Racing begins and passing may occur throughout the field when the green flag is displayed.

a) The Starter will abort the start by displaying no flag if the field is not in good order, or if some drivers

have improved their positions by moving out of line or by passing prior to the waving of the green

flag. This advises the drivers to proceed on another pace lap.

b) If a competitor false starts more than twice in a race, he shall be relegated to the rear of the grid for that




Bracket Classes: All Bracket timed class classifications will be presented in an addendum released prior to

the Sunday March 3. The current B27 to B45, etc classification do not hold true for


Bracket 45 Class: Course/Track will be split with 2 chicanes on the front straight and 1 in the back essess.


SUNDAY March 3, 2013

08:00 – 09:15 AM Morning Warm up – All Registered Competitors

09:15 – 09:30 AM Track Closed for Final Inspection by Marshals

10:00– 10:15 AM Driver’s Briefing at designated area


10:15 – 10:45 AM EVENT #1 All Bracket Classes

10:55 – 11:25 AM EVENT #2 ALL Modified Production Classes

11:10 – 11:40 AM EVENT #3 B45 Class

11:40 – 11:50 PM Official Opening of Race Day & National Anthem


12:00 – 12:30 PM EVENT #1 All Revised Bracket Class (Exc. B45) RACE 1 (6 LAPS)

12:30 – 01:00 PM EVENT #2 Street Car Class (B45) RACE 1 (5 LAPS)

01:30 – 01:30 PM EVENT #3 Modified Production Class 1 & 3 RACE 1 (6 LAPS)

01:30 – 02:00 PM EVENT #4 Modified Production Class 2 & 4 RACE 1 (6 LAPS)

02:00 – 02:30 PM EVENT #5 SPECIAL DRAG EVENT RACE 1 (3 Passes)

02:30 – 03:00 PM EVENT #6 All Revised Bracket Class (Exc. B45) RACE 2 (10 LAPS)

02:30 – 03:00 PM EVENT #7 Street Car Class (B45) RACE 2 (7 LAPS)

03:00 – 03:30 PM EVENT #8 Modified Production Class 1 & 3 RACE 2 (10 LAPS)

03:30 – 04:00 PM EVENT #9 Modified Production Class 2 & 4 RACE 2 (10 LAPS)

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