The Jamaica Race Drivers Club Technical Rules Meeting

Dear Club Members,
RE: Technical Regulations Meeting
The Technical Regulations Committee wishes to convene a meeting of members on Wednesday September 11th, 2013 6:30pm at a venue to be announced. The purpose of the meeting will be to introduce a draft of the proposed rules changes and solicit the views of members in this regard. The draft of the proposed changes are supplied on page 2 for review in advance of the meeting


Charles Chen
Technical Regulations Committee

For the 2014/2015 race season proposed rule changes are listed below. This list is short and simple and reflects the intention of the TRC to write regulations that are clear and concise. The intent of the proposed changes is to encourage more competitive and inclusive racing and at the same time keep costs down. This will be achieved by:
• Making the Classes more distinct so as to discourage the use of Race Cars for more that one class. Restructuring the Race Format, which is an integral part of achieving this result. If one wishes to race in more than one class, then maybe one should have more that one Race Car.
• Introduce a “Grandfather Provision”. This allows for rules to be written without consideration of the current field of cars but considers them after changes are made.

Race format
Thundersport Class: 3 races of 8 laps each
Modified Production (MP) Class: 3 races of 7 laps each; All classes race together
Improved Production (IP) Class: 3 races of 6 laps each; All classes race together
Bracket 45 Class: 3 races 5 laps each; All classes race together
All Race Series will be run with second race reverse grid.

Bracket 45 Class
DOT not less than 140 treadwear or equivalent rating tyres.
No Slicks allowed

Improved Production Class
DOT not less than 100 treadwear or equivalent tyres
No Slicks Allowed
No more bracket racing
Class definition will mirror MP but with higher weight and more OEM components requirements.

Modified Production Class
The weight factors will be increased to better reflect the current and future stock of Race Cars.
8 Slick Tyres per weekend.
No Tube Frame Cars Allowed.

Thundersport (Open) Class
Lower weight factors
No tyre restrictions
Grandfather Provision:
Any car that raced on or before October 21st 2013 MAY be eligible for class exemption.

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Slippery Wen Wett DRC/JMMC Dexterity #3 2013 AWARD WINNERS

Slippery Wen Wett DRC/JMMC Dexterity #3 2013

Pos’n   Name   Car   1st run   2nd run   3rd run
1   Cleve Ottey   Toyota Starlet   1:10.39   1:09.82   1:09.51
2   Duncan Stewart   BMW 1M   1:31.955   1:30.355   1:10.62
3   Dennis Bicarrie   Toyota Corolla   1:16.77   1:48.77   1:11.92
4   Ian Wright   Toyota Corolla   1:14.52   1:11.985   1:12.21
5   Jamar Kinkaid   Toyota Corolla   1:13.50   1:12.26   1:13.57
6   Chris John Addison   Toyota Corolla DX   DNS   1:31.755   1:12.28
7   Timothy Stewart   BMW 1M   1:25.615   1:21.24   1:12.32
8   Sanjay Singh   Toyota Corolla   1:20.18   1:24.75   1:15.40
9   Mark Lin   Nissan Silvia   DNF   1:24.945   1:16.00
10   Stephen Silvera   Datsun 120y   1:27.47   1:16.575   1:21.57
11   Nicholas Barnes   Toyota Corolla   1:25.46   1:21.25   1:16.79
12   Omar Hayman   Toyota Corolla   1:35.77   1:20.45   DNS
13   Pedrito Palmer   Datsun pickup   1:24.81   1:21.30   1:33.20
14   Daryl King   Toyota Corolla DX   1:22.88   DNF   DNS
15   Patrick Smith   Toyota Corolla DX   1:26.46   1:28.905   1:38.015
16   Orville South   Toyota Corolla    DNF   DNF   1:26.595
17   Roger Lewinson   Nissan 240 SX   1:34.82   DNF   1:29.39
18   St. Singh      Toyota Corolla DX DNF   1:45.035   1:37.575
19   Everton Brooks Toyota Corolla      DNF   1:55.47   1:40.555
20   Mark Thompson   Toyota Corolla   1:49.51   1:40.76   1:58.56
21   Randy Taylor   Toyota Starlet   DNF   2:24.875   2:05.26
22   Odaine Powell   Toyota Corolla DX   DNF   DNF   DNF

1   Dean Corrodus   Toyota Corolla   1:17.725   1:14.89   1:11.63
2   Gary Ellis   Toyota Starlet   DNF   DNF   1:27.58

1   Christopher McFarlane   2008 Mitsubshi Lancer GT   01:10.590   1:10.00   01:07.535
2   Cory Walters   1989 Honda CRX   01:18.550   1:20.49   DNF
3   Ameer Johnson   1990 Toyota Starlet   DNF   1:27.24   01:25.915

Fastest Overall Christopher McFarlane   01:07.535

Last Place Randy Taylor   02:24.875

Best rookie Chris John Addison   1:12.28

Crowd favorite Nickolas Barnes   1:16.79

Championship run
1   Cleve Ottey      01:58.555
2   Christopher McFarlane      02:00.315
3   Ian Wright      02:00.855
4   Dennis Bicarrie      02:04.495
5   Jamar Kinkaid      02:13.395
6   Dean Corrodus      02:13.580
7   Chris John Addison      02:13.790
8   Sanjay Singh      02:15.375
9   Mark Lin      02:25.745
10   Duncan Stewart      02:36.385
11   Timothy Stewart      02:53.970

There was an error in classification at the event. The cars of Omar Hayman and Mark Thompson were erroneously classified as RWD and not RWD with LSD. The adjustments have been made in the tabulation of this sheet.

D Montii’s photos here:

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