Rally Jamaica 2013 provisional results as of SS10 Day 1


1 Jeffrey Panton/Michael Fennell Jr JAM 4WD Ford Focus WRC 1 JA9 00:38:55.494 00:00:00.000 0:38:55.494

2 John Powell (TRI) / Nicolas Telfer (TRI) TRI 4WD Ford Fiesta WRC 3 JA9 00:39:47.002 00:00:00.000 00:39:47.002

3 James Betts (BDS) / Robert Cadiz (TRI) BDS/TRI 4WD Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5 4 JA8 00:42:43.902 00:00:00.000 00:42:43.902

4 Roger Skeete (BDS)/ Garry Clarke (BDS) BDS 4WD Subaru Impreza S12 WRC 2 JA9 00:41:52.479 0:01:40.000 00:43:32.479

5 Joel Jackson/Dmitri Dawkins Subaru JAM 4WD Impreza 5 JN8 00:44:25.754 00:00:00.000 00:44:25.754

6 Ricardo Trivino (MEX) / Alex Haro (SPN) MEX/SPN 4WD Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 201 FIA 3 0:45:04.517 00:00:00.000 00:45:04.517

7 Alejandro Lombardo (VEN) / Miguel Alvarado (VEN) VEN 4WD Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 203 FIA 3 00:45:26.322 00:00:00.000 00:45:26.322

8 Harold Morley (BDS)/Mark Nelson BDS/JAM 4WD Subaru Impreza 8 JN8 00:46:57.797 00:00:00.000 00:46:57.797

9 Carlos Izquierdo (MEX) / Guillermo Izquierdo (MEX) MEX 4WD Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 202 FIA 3 00:47:17.268 00:00:00.000 00:47:17.268

10 Christopher McFarlane/Wayne Piper JAM 2WD Mitsubishi Lancer GT 16 JA3 00:49:46.095 00:00:00.000 00:49:46.095

11 Peter Jaggon/Victor Handal JAM 4WD Subaru Impreza 9 JN8 00:50:15.158 00:00:00.000 00:50:15.158

12 Andrés Molina (CR) / Eduardo Corrales (CR) CR 4WD KIA Cerato Koup 250 FIA 8 00:50:48.751 00:00:00.000 00:50:48.751

13 Bobby Marshall/Michelle Laidlaw JAM 2WD Mitsubishi Mirage RS 17 JA3 00:52:25.988 00:00:00.000 00:52:25.988

14 Daryl King/Rameses McGregor JAM 2WD Honda Civic 15 JA2 00:52:26.456 00:00:00.000 00:52:26.456

15 Thomas Hall/Carlington Brissett JAM 2WD Toyota Starlet 11 JA4 00:52:44.961 00:00:00.000  00:52:44.961

16 Matthew Gore/Raymond Farquharson JAM 2WD Toyota Starlet 12 JA2 00:55:24.000 00:02:00.000 00:57:24.000

17 Keith Saunders/Sean Pierre JAM 2WD Chevrolet Chevette 18 JA3 00:58:55.272 00:00:40.000 00:59:35.272

D.N.F Gary Gregg / Hugh Hutchinson JAM 4WD Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 6 JN8 Fire SS2

D.N.F Stuart Johnson (TRI)/ Lee Quesnel (TRI) TRI 4WD Subaru Impreza Sti 7 JN8

D.N.F Alan Chen/Marcia Dawes JAM 2WD Toyota Corolla 14 JA4    Throttle body

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This list is FINAL

Unless stated entrant is from Jamaica.  Countries Legend: BDS – Barbados; TRI – Trinidad;
MEX – Mexico; VEN – Venezuela; SPN – Spain;

1   Ricardo Trivino (MEX) / Alex Haro (SPN)   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10   FIA 3
2   Alejandro Lombardo (VEN) / Miguel Alvarado (VEN)   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9   FIA 3
3   Carlos Izquierdo (MEX) / Guillermo Izquierdo (MEX)   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9   FIA 3
4   Andrés Molina (CR) / Eduardo Corrales (CR)   KIA Cerato Koup   FIA 8

1   Jeffrey Panton/Michael Fennell Jr   Ford Focus WRC   JA9
2   Roger Skeete (BDS)/ Garry Clarke (BDS)   Subaru Impreza S12 WRC   JA9
3   John Powell (TRI) / Nicolas Telfer (TRI)   Forc Fiesta WRC   JA9
4   James Betts (BDS) / Rober t Cadiz (TRI)   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5   JA8
5   Joel Jackson/Dmitri Dawkins   Subaru Impreza   JN8
6   Gary Gregg / Hugh Hutchinson   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9   JN8
7   Stuart Johnson (TRI)/ Lee Quesnel (TRI)   Subaru Impreza Sti   JN8
8   Harold Morley (BDS)/Mark Nelson   Subaru Impreza   JN8
9   Peter Jaggon/Victor Handal   Subaru Imprezza   JN8
10   Macklin Peterkin/Wayne Chuck   2006 Subaru Impreza   JN8
11   Thomas Hall/Carlington Brissett   Toyota Starlet   JA4
12   Matthew Gore/Raymond Farquharson   Toyota Starlet   JA2
14   Alan Chen/Marcia Dawes   Toyota Corolla   JA4
15   Daryl King/Rameses McGregor   Honda Civic   JA2
16   Christopher McFarlane/Wayne Piper   Mitsubishi Lancer GT   JA3
17   Bobby Marshall/Michelle Laidlaw   Mitsubishi Mirage RS   JA3
18   Keith Saunders/Sean Pierre   Chevrolet Chevette   JA3
19   Jason Lawson/Katryna Lawson   1986 Toyota Corolla GT   JN2

Friday Parc Expose’ location map

Saturday stages

Sunday stages

New Works

Bybrook behind Tru juice processing plant

Wakefield aka Watersplash

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Rally Jamaica 2013 event schedule

Schedule OF Activities

Monday November 25 to Friday November 29 : Rally HQ Opens 10am to 6pm daily

Rally Headquarters open at Knutsford Court Hotel, Ruthven Road, Kingston 10
Rally HQ Administrator – Marcia Dawes  email:

Competitors can use the week allotted to traverse the stages and make pace notes between 0900hrs and 1700hrs. Under no circumstances must any rally car be seen on any stage.

Please note that the recce is open throughout the week leading up to Rally Jamaica, and in between other event functions, however all recce rules must be adhered to – no practising, no speeding and especially no public nuisance.

Please remember that the  properties are working premises and employees will be carrying out their normal work procedures so exercise due diligence and care when traversing the stages for pace noting.

Events Schedule

Wednesday November 27: Drivers Briefing Meeting 7:00pm Knutsford Court Hotel – Ruthven Road, Kingston 10

Attendance at the Briefing Meeting is mandatory for all drivers and  co-drivers; this function is for competitors, crews and rally officials primarily  but Media/Press personnel will also be present.

Competition numbers for Rally Jamaica will be issued along with any other  final bulletins and documentation

There will be a formal introduction of key event officials, plus a Q  & A session, during which competitors can raise any last minute queries.

Media/press personnel may also interview competitors after the formal procedure is over.

Thursday November 28: Scrutineering 10am to approximately 6:00pm

Location Knutsford Court Hotel, Ruthven Road car park, Kingston 10

The scrutineering area itself will be closed off, once released from this area, competitors will be directed to a large open area alongside, where event sponsors and other rally partners may have displays, and fans can see competing cars close-up.
There is no Parc Ferme, so crews are free to leave at the end of proceedings with their competition cars
This event plays a major role in our pre-event promotion, so everyone is encouraged to stay and enjoy a chance to meet the fans, sign autographs and even distribute any promotional give-aways. There is music throughout and, once fans start arriving in larger numbers late afternoon, there will be driver interviews and a brief ‘official welcome’ to the overseas crews

Friday November 29: Rally Jamaica Ceremonial Start

6:00pm to 8:00pm – Parc Expose

Commencing 6:00pm VENUE To BE ANNOUNCED.

Competitors MUST check in at 5:30pm.

This will take place in the format of a Parc Expose

Saturday November 30 – Rally Jamaica Day 1

Start from MTC at 8:30am – Lydford Mines Factory Yard, St. Ann

There will be live commentary at one of the stage venues
The morning and afternoon route consists of six loops, split by a  return to a main service for the lunch halt.
Off route servicing will be allowed for RJ competitors, NRC servicing will be as per NRC regulations – for quick service requirements during each six stage loop.  It is recommended that crews scout & identify their off route service area during recce.

Sunday December 01 – Rally Jamaica Day 2

Restart from MTC at 7:30am – Tru Juice Sports Club

There will be live commentary at one stage venue
There will be 12 stages during the day
There will be a Super Special stage run on across of 2 stage locations.
The official finish will follow the Super Special, also with live commentary.

Provisional Results will be posted at the official finish no later than two hours after the last car has finished the Super Special.

Monday December 02 – Prizegiving Ceremony

Knutsford Court Hotel Courtyard, Ruthven Road, Kingston 10

Official Results will be posted at 12:00noon at Rally Headquarters and in the lobby of the Knutsford Court Hotel, following one hour for competitors to protest mathematical errors only, results become official at 2:00pm
Prizegiving will follow at approximately 6:00pm
Pay bar & food available…….an after party will follow until the last person leaves….

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Rally Jamaica press launch

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Jamaican Karters ready for World champs. Jamaica Gleaner story

J’can Karters Ready For World Champs

Published: Sunday | November 10, 20130 Comments

Thomas Issa-Contributed
Thomas Issa-Contributed

Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator

Preparations have been completed and it is time for the pair of Jamaican drivers to execute their strategy at the World Karting Championship, which gets underway in New Orleans, United States, on Wednesday.

Thomas Issa departed the island yesterday and is expected to be registered for the event today, while 11 year-old Justin Sirgany, a student of St Andrew Preparatory, leaves on Tuesday.

“We are hoping for at least a podium finish. Justin’s preparation has been good. Just last summer, he qualified and competed at the US Grand National. He has proven to be very competitive,” Justin’s father, Steve, told Automotives.

Justin, who is also preparing for the 2014 GSAT exam, has developed a knack for upsetting the apple cart. He takes to the track in the Rotax Mini Max Class later this week.

“This is sort of a new experience for Justin, but he is a good driver, and we expect him to do well. We know he has the skill,” commented Neil Williams, president of the Jamaica Karting Association.

Weighing in on Issa’s chances, Williams stressed that this is the best he has ever been prepared. “Last year, he made some tactical errors at the world finals in Portugal. That has been corrected. He is fully prepared, in top form, and is expected to do extremely well,” said Williams.

Last Sunday, former world go-kart champion, Ben Cooper, spent the day with Issa, giving him a pep talk and pointers about racing strategies. “His preparation was good,” said Thomas’ father, Christopher Issa, a retired race driver.

Sirgany and Issa will be among some 288 drivers from 67 countries, who will be battling for supremacy in four classes.

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Rally Jamaica soldiers on. Jamaica Observer story.

Rally Jamaica soldiers on

Rory Daley

Friday, November 08, 2013

RALLY Jamaica 2013, the second largest rally event in the Caribbean, is experiencing a bumpy ride ahead of its November 29 to December 1 run dates.

“Things have not been as smooth as I’d like, but we have a rally to put on,” said event organiser Lawrence Henriques of Rallysport Promotions Limited.

Joel Jackson will attempt to capture his first ever National Rally title

Henriques is facing challenges attracting the sponsorship. Rally Jamaica was recently bolstered by its inclusion as the final round of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile’s (FIA) North American Central American (NACAM) Rally Championship. And given the potential for large-scale international exposure, the overall response has been less than expected. He chalks it up partly to the difficult financial climate.

So far, Rally Jamaica will see a large contingent of overseas teams, five from Trinidad, two from Barbados, and eight NACAM regulars including the series leader Ricardo Trivino. And for the first time, foreign competitors may outnumber locals.

Up to press time, only seven entries were confirmed including the driver leading the local rally championship Joel Jackson.

Rally Jamaican 2012 winner Jeffrey Panton is also on that list.

Among other difficulties arising is construction on one of the signature stages, Lydford.

“The airstrip has been removed in preparation for construction related to the Highway 2000 project and we’ve had to adjust the route,” explained Henriques.

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