The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC) is the regulatory body governing motorsports in Jamaica as appointed by the FIA. The JMMC provides sanctioning for all genres of motorsports, namely: Sprints, Drag, Circuit, Rallies, Go karting and Dexterities. The JMMC also issues competition licenses and adjudicates all issues, disciplinary or otherwise relating to motorsports locally.

The JMMC office is located at the 6 Westminster Road, Kingston 10.

 Telephone: +1 (876) 630-4898; Fax: +1 (876)630-7575

 Email: jamotoringclub@gmail.com

Our office hours is as follows:
Mondays to Fridays – 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m,
Office Administrators: Kamesha Carpenter; Lacian McLean

The current executive of the club comprises of:

Chairman: Peter Clarke
Vice Chairman: Errol Anderson
Secretary: Marcia Dawes
Treasurer: Robert Thelwell


Ibraheem Khan,

Marc Evans

Michael Fennell Jr.

Chressmore White

ASN Mission statement

To foster and develop the sport of motor racing in Jamaica as the authorized sanctioning body, approved by the sport’s international governing body, the FIA.

To assist the various disciplines of the sport in their growth, while working with them and governmental organizations to meet and maintain high international standards.

CLUB Mission statement

To organize and stage Rally, Sprint and Dexterity events for our members and affiliated clubs, while exposing and promoting the sport to new communities by utilizing various locations island wide.

To create and uphold an environment that is safe, enjoyable and rewarding for all motor sports enthusiasts, as drivers showcase their talents and abilities. Also to develop the sport and build its fan base, thereby attracting new investment interests.



In the mid 60’s, the “Auto Owners Club” which was formed in 1957 , merged with the “forces Motoring Club”, an organization originally from the British Military, stationed overseas. This club was closely linked with the British based Royal Automobile Club (RAC), who in turn were affiliated with the Federation International de L’Automobile (FIA), the world’s governing body for motorsports.

During the early 70’s this unified club renamed to the Jamaica Motoring Club (JMC) and incorporated in February 1970, became the moving force behind motorsports in Jamaica. The JMC quickly moved to obtain recognition by the FIA, which enabled them to host several International Rallies, attracting World Rally Championship (WRC) class drivers and machinery, with some events boasting as many as seventy entrants.

This high level of competition could only have been achieved through the assistance of market oriented corporate sponsors, who reaped the full benefits of both local and international recognition garnered by the presence of local and international press and advertising/public relations support.

Over the decade, JMC has organized or assisted with circuit racing at Vernamfield and Dover Raceway, in addition to organizing numerous sprints, dexterities and various rallies such as BOAC Speed Bird Rallies, Carreras Rallies, Red Stripe Rallies, Goodyear Cross Country Rallies, Esso International Rallies and PETCOM Invitational Rallies.

As Jamaica suffered from various World crisis during the mid 70’s, motorsports declined; the Jamaica Motoring Club strived on however. They were able to host various small rallies and other smaller motoring events. In the mid 80’s as motorsports regained its popularity, there was a renewed effort by the JMC to stage larger and better organized events. To date the JMC has successfully staged several international events which have attracted a high caliber of overseas competitors from countries such as Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago , The United States, Britain, Sweden, Australia and Japan.

The JMC again renewed its affiliation with the FIA in 1996. Bestowed as Governing Body for Motorsports in Jamaica , the JMC once again became actively involved in all areas of automobile racing – drag, circuit racing, in addition to regular club events – sprints, dexterities and rallies.

The name of the Club has since been changed to the Jamaica Millenium Motoring Club effective March 2003.

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Tel-(876)934-1288 / 322-5314. E-Mail: JMC@KASNET.COM, jamotoringclub@gmail.com