Approved ASR JKA Race Meet 8 2012

JKA 2012

Race Meet #


The meet is sanctioned under the present code (which refers to the FIA CIK,) and present regulations of the JMMC and rules of the JKA. This event is open to all members in good standing with the JKA and its affiliate clubs.

PERMIT# JMK2012-30

NAME OF EVENT Race meet # 8

DATE OF EVENT Sunday, October 28, 2012

VENUE Palisadoes International Raceway

START Sunday 9:00 a.m.

SIGN-IN Sunday 8:30 am. Drivers will be given pre scrutineering forms which MUST be submitted to the Scrutineer properly filled in. These will be available at registration located at the Palisadoes Track.


Organiser Neil Williams (383-5344)

Race Director/Clerk of Course Brian Fong Yee (859-1740)

Secretary Heather Eaton (325-6388)

Chief Scrutineer Joel Jackson (384-7461)

Chief Steward Peter Clarke (383-9661)

Stewards Peter Wong (382-7625)

Robert Thelwell. (565-9066)

Chief Starter Wendy Gordon (854-7050)

Chief Scorer Neil Williams (383-5344)

Timing Gina Tomlinson (361-2332)

Grid Marshall Bridget Fong Yee (776-7374)

Pit Marshall Dmitri Dawkins (298-5210)

Ambulance/first aid Gentle Care Ambulance (847-1737)

Doctor Dr. Jacqueline Minott (382-8036)

Marshals Jamaica Marshalling Club

Insurance: Thwaites Finson Sharpe

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Provisional Results for JMMC Sprint #5

Sprint # 5 having been abandoned before completion is subject to JMMC rule # Regulation 4.1.5 as follows:

4.1.5 Abandonment
a) If an event is abandoned the following shall apply:
i) If at least one (1) complete round has been run, class points and awards will be given.
ii) Top 10 positions and championship points will be determined by the 10 fastest times existing at the time of abandonment. All incomplete rounds shall be ignored.

The JMMC therefore releases the following Provisional Results.

JA2 Car 1st run 2nd run Best
1. Daryl King Honda Civic SIR 2.04.920 1.59.955 1.59.955
2. Raymond Farqueharson Toyota Starlet 2.07.390 DNF 2.07.390
Troy Bernard Honda CRX DNF DNF
Chris Mcfarlane Toyota Starlet DNF DNF
James March Toyota Corolla FX DNF DNF
Keith Saunders Chevrolet Chevette DNF DNF
Tony Allen Honda CRX DNF DNF
1. Jordan Powell Toyota Glanza 1.55.345 1.49.090 1.49.090
2. Jamar Kinkaid Toyota Corolla Levin 2.05.690 DNF 2.05.690
3. Glaister Dunkley Toyota Corsa DNF 2.06.935 2.06.935
4. Jamiel Dunkley Toyota Corsa 2.17.240 2.08.950 2.08.950
Matthew Gore Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X DNF DNF
Saeed Muhammed Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III DNF DNF

Glaister Dunkley is not a JMMC member (JRDC member) and therefore does not score any points towards JMMC championships.

Based on JMMC Sprint Regulations trophies are awarded as follows:

JA2 – 1st place & 2nd place
JA3 – none awarded
JN8 – 1st place
JC1 – 1st place & 2nd place
JC2 – none awarded

Class Points are as follows:

1. Daryl King – 130 points
2. Raymond Farqueharson – 100 points

No points awarded.

1. Spencer Whittingham – 50points

1. Jordan Powell – 130 points
2. Jamar Kinkaid – 100 points
3. Jamiel Dunkley – 80 points

No points awarded.

Sprint Championship points are as follows:

1. Jordan Powell – 20 points
2. Spencer Whittingham – 15 points
3. Daryl King – 12 points
4. Jamar Kinkaid – 10 points
5. Raymond Farqueharson – 8 points
6. Jamiel Dunkley – 6 points

Please note official posting time will be 4:30 pm today and competitors are reminded that they have 24 hours to lodge any protests
All of the above noted points are to be applied to the relevant 2012 JMMC Championships.
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Sanctioning granted JMMC Sprint 5

The JMMC is pleased to advise that having now received the requisite documentation from the organizers of Sprint #5, the event has now receive full sanctioning and endorsement from the JMMC’s Competition Sub-Committee, as per the Rules & Regulation of the ASN.
We encourage all JMMC licensed competitors to go out and support the event.
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FIA President on visit to Jamaica

President of the world governing body of motorsport the Federation International le’ Automobile (FIA), Jean Todt, is currently in Jamaica along with a top level delegation comprising regional vice presidents of the FIA including Mr. Jose Abed of Mexico.

Mr. Todt and his party arrived last night by private jet as a guest of the Jamaica Automobile Association, FIA representatives in Jamaica for mobility, and along with the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club, FIA representatives in Jamaica for motorsports, was hosted at a breakfast meeting this morning at the Pegasus along with various stakeholders in jamaican motorsports.

Addressing the gathering were Minister of State in the Ministry of Toursim and Entertainment Hon. Damian Crawford M.P., Mr. John Lynch, Director of Tourism, the Jamaica Tourist Board and Dean Corrodus, Chairman of the JMMC.

Attendees included event host Earl Jarrett, Chairman of the Jamaica Automobile Association, Duane Ellis, General manager of the JAA who chaired the function, Neil Williams, president of the Jamaica Karting Association, Gary Gregg, 2004/2005 National drivers champion and successful circuit competitor, Peter Rae (successful circuit driver), Peter Moodie Jr (2011 Jamaica Karting Association champion driver and former circuit, sprint, dexterity and rally competitor), Hilary Jardine OD, JP,( immediate past president of the Jamaica Race Drivers Club), Errol Anderson (immediate past chairman of the Jamaica Milennium Motoring Club), Winsor Young, (Operations manager in charge of track operations, Jamwest Enterprises) and other stakeholders and club executives from the motorsports fraternity.

The delegation is scheduled to meet with the Governor General of Jamaica Hon. Dr. Patrick Allen, the Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister Hon. Natalie Neita-Headley, pay a visit to the Usain Bolt track at UTECH, have lunch with Road Safety stakeholders at the Mona visitor’s lodge before passing by the Palisadoes International raceway before their departure this afternoon for the Dominican Republic, one of six stops on their Caribbean tour.


June Jamaican Motorsports roundup

Two major historic achievements were recorded in the annals of Jamaican Motorsports for June 2012, when Jamaica’s second dedicated circuit racing facility at Jamwest Speedway in Old Hope, Westmoreland, had its first exhibition circuit event coupled with the third meet on the drag racing calendar on June 24, in addition to the first sanctioned championship event at the new Farmville track at Thetford Great House in Church Pen, Bushy Park, St. Catherine on June 17. The annual renewal of the Raynor King Memorial Rally on June 24 rounded out the activities for June.

Sprint championship

Thetford Great House (left) and view of the track

Round 4 of the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club’s national sprint championship took place at the Farmville track at Thetford Great House in Church Pen, near Bushy Park, St. Catherine on Sunday, June 17. The event was extensively advertised using TVJ, Irie Social (Asafa Powell’s social media promotions company), the electronic media, thousands of colorful flyers distributed on motorcades and promotions at all preceding motorsports events. Regrettably, inclement weather was to affect his event, as after months of drought, mother nature provided soothing rain for a parched land on the day of the event, rendering what was billed as “Dirtmasters” into what was more accurately described as “Mudmasters”. Nevertheless, the nineteen competitors that took to the course in a variety of vehicles ranging from a 175cc dirt bike to a 2000cc turbocharged 4wd Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution certainly made the most of it.

King, Powell and Gore

Spencer Whittingham was crowned “The Dirtmaster” by virtue of his blistering fastest overall time of 1 minute 24.84 seconds set on his third run which also gave him the win of the JN8 class. The JA2 class was won by Daryl King, the JA3 class by Dean Corrodus, JA4 by Thomas Hall, the quad races by Lenin Thompson and the bike races were a clean sweep for Kyle Reynolds.

Full report here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/dean-a-g-corrodus/dirt-masters-jmmc-sprint-4-report/10151809642795332

Circuit & Drag

The Jamwest Speedway in Old Hope, Westmoreland was abuzz with excitement on June 23 and 24. On the drag racing scene, American Stanley Albritton powered Dean Shaw’s 1,500 horsepower, methanol fed, supercharged V8 Chevrolet Camaro down the quarter mile to beat Bryn Morgan’s turbo charged V8 rail dragster for the win of the 8 second class.

Albritton (left) and Morgan

Other class winners were:

9 sec: Damian Allen -Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III

10 sec: Kenrick Baker -Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III

11 sec: Herbie Edwards -Nissan Pulsar GTiR

12 sec: Kevin Archer -Toyota Corolla Levin

13 sec: Andrew Palmer- Honda Integra

14 sec: Overton Grant -Honda Integra

15 sec: Christopher Sukhu -Honda CRX

16 sec: Darin Virgo -Toyota Hiace Super Custom

Powell (left) and Clarke

Jordan Powell (R & B Auto Parts Toyota Glanza) and Ricardo Clarke (Big Rat Auto Toyota Corolla) took the inaugural wins of the two exhibition circuit races that were held. Competitors Peter “Zoom Zoom” Rae (Peter Rae Motorsports Mazda RX7), Dean “Duct Tape” Corrodus (Automotive Performance Centre Ltd Honda Civic Type R), Dean Shaw and Dieter Wilson (Amsoil Prochallenge trucks), Richard Chan (R&B Auto Toyota Corolla FX), Saeed Mohammed (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III), Peter James (Big Rat Auto Toyota Corolla) and Vivian Mitchell (MAD/Innovative Auto Parts Honda Civic Type R) were the first drivers to officialally test the new 1.8 mile circuit, and along with Douglas “Hollywood” Gore who drove his daily driven Audi A4 Coupe as the pace car, all gave rave reviews of the high speed track. Chief Steward and Jamaica Race Drivers Club (JRDC) scrutineer Rajendra Jadusingh also gave the track the thumbs up as safety features outlined by the Competition Sub Committee of the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club were implemented to bring the track up to the specified safety requirements before its first official use. Since then, Marck Carey, president of the JRDC has visited the track and reports that television and photographs do not do the venue justice, as he was thoroughly impressed with the facilities, which include four large, covered spectator stands, restrooms that look like they came from a north coast resort, expanded parking areas, new admission booths and additional food vending areas.

Peter Rae’s Mazda RX7, ¼ mile dragstrip and Damian Allen’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution on the launch pad.

Jamwest Speedway


The Raynor King Memorial Rally that had been rescheduled from Mothers Day, May 13, was run on June 24 using a single stage location in Lydford, St. Ann. Richard Rerrie/Winston Dawson driving the Leroy’s Auto Glass/Scott’s Auto/Petcom/Advance Performance Parts  Subaru Impreza WRX Sti won the event in a time of 25 minutes 20.709 seconds ahead of Matthew Gore/Raymond Farquharson in the Summer Flex/Tragedy Entertainment Toyota Starlet (26:57.460) and Macklin and Dominique Peterkin in the Valvoline/Kinn’s Auto Subaru Impreza WQRX Sti Spec C (27:07.590).


Gore/Farquharson (left) and Peterkin/Peterkin.

Of the nine cars that started the event, seven were classified as finishers, with the teams of Thomas Hall/Dmitre Dawkins (Toyota Starlet) and Peter Jaggon/Victor Handal (Jaggon’s Gases/IGL Subaru Impeza WRX) rounding out the top 5.

Upcoming events:

Driftmasters, the fifth event in the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club’s National Dexterity championship, takes place on Sunday, July 8 at Masterblock factory in Knockpatrick, Manchester, starting at noon.

Multiple dexterity champion Maurice “Wurl Boss” Whittingham, Cleve “Cutta Hype” Ottey, Dennis “Krossbreed” Bicarie, Kingsley “Soljie” Scott and Ian “Big Red Truck” Wright to name a few will be competing for trophies and championship points in five categories.

The sprint event (Overdrive, JMMC Sprint #5) originally scheduled for July 15 has been rescheduled to Sunday, September 16.

The Jamaica Race Drivers Club will stage the third event in the 2012 circuit racing championship dubbed “Summer Heat” on July 28/29. Action will be seen in several categories including Bracket 45, 38, 32 and 27 as well as Modified Production classes 1 to 4 and Thundersport classes 1 and 2.

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