New JMMC executive elected

The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club Executive body for the years January  2016-2018 .

Chairman: John Ralston

Vice Chairman: Neil Williams

Treasurer: Shana Spencer

Secretary: Sue-Ann Panton


Rosemarie Jadusingh

Monique Gibbs

Mike Fennell

Chressmore White

Conrad Burns

Ibraheem Khan

Nicole Anderson

Stephen Mahoney

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2015 AGM

This serves to advise you that the JMMC Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday January 23, 2016 at 6:00pm at The Liguanea Club.

Please be advised that nominations for Officers to form the 2016-2017 Executive Committee for the JMMC is still open. ONLY PAID UP MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO make Nominations and/or to be nominated for positions to the new Committee. Membership subscription renewals are now due for 2016.

Nominations will remain open until January 23, 2016, as per the instructions of the Meeting Chairman. Nominations may be submitted in writing to the JMMC office at 6 Westminster Road, Kingston 10 or sent in via email addressed to the JMMC Board Secretary Marcia Dawes at jamotoringclub@gmail.com. Emails with nominations should read in the subject line “Nomination JMMC Board 2016-2017”. You can also send in your nominations via fax to (876)630-7575.

A copy of the Meeting agenda and Meeting Minutes for the last AGM will be issued prior to the scheduled meeting date.

Please do make every effort to attend.

Best regards
6 Westminster Road, Kingston 10 Jamaica, WI
Mailing Address: Box 216, Western District PO, Kingston 20.
Telephone: (876) 630-4898
Fax: (876) 630-7575
Mobile:  (876) 322-5314
Website: www.jamaicamotorsports.com
Email: jamotoringclub@gmail.com

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Officials training

OSTP – ASN:JM2015-01: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 24, 2015

The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club will be executing Phase 1 of its 2015 Official Safety Training Programme (OSTP), this weekend March 26-29, 2015. This programme is made possible through grant funding from the FIA along with local funding from the ASN & Affiliated sponsors. It is the second of two Grants that the ASN had applied for in 2014 which were approved. The first programme was the Young Driver Safety Programme (YDSP) which was successfully executed in July 2014; however, the OSTP was extended for completion in 2015 with approval from the FIA.

The OSTP will be done in 2 phases. This first phase will see training being provided for First- on-theScene responses and Fire Fighting. Both programmes are geared towards the training of Marshals in responding to on-the track emergencies as well as with fire-fighting incidents on the track or at any race event.
The second phase of the Training programme will be a 2-day Stewards Training Workshop which will be focused on the following; pre-event roles & responsibilities of the stewards; How the role of steward interrelates to other senior roles at an event; what do stewards do and why; Judicial matter
protocol, Reports Handling, Protest and Appeals, Administrative duties of a Steward etc.
Both progammes will be taught by Motor Sports Association (MSA) out of the United Kingdom which is an approved Regional Training Provider (RTP) of the FIA, with local support from the Jamaica Fire Brigade. The workshops will be held over the period Thursday March 26 to Sunday March 29, 2015.
The Stewards workshop will be conducted on March 27-28, while the first-on-the-scene seminar will be March 26 and Fire-fighting training on March 29, 2015.
Phase 2 will be held in May 2015 and will see the training of Scrutineers as well as a Train the Trainer component to ensure continuance of learning and development of the sport through knowledge share.
There will also be certification of marshals and other event officials where applicable in First Aid and certification as Safety Wardens.

If you need any additional clarification and/or information regarding the training session please contact
OSTP Project Manager, Marcia Dawes at 434-1755

For media information only. No regulatory value.
For further media information: e-mail – rallyprincess@gmail.com


2015 Fee structure & 2015 motorsports calendar

Please be advised of the following fee structure and associated costs effective January 1, 2015.

Individual ASN Subscription fee: $1,500.00


RACE (excluding drag)

Provisional: $5,000.00

National: $6,000.00

International Rally, R: $10,000.00

International C $15,000.00

International B: $20,000.00

International A: $25,000.00

Drag Racing

National Class 4/A & 4/B: $6,000.00


National Kid Kart (5 years to 12years): $4,000.00

National Junior (13 years to 15 years): $5,000.00

National Senior: $6,000.00

International: Junior (13 years to 14 years): $10,000.00

International: Senior C (15 years and up): $15,000.00

International B: $20,000.00

International A: $25,000.00

License Reprint: $2,500.00 (to replace lost or stolen cards only)

License eligibility are as follows:

1. Kid Kart, National Junior & Senior license are valid for local Karting ONLY.

2. Drag racing licenses Class 4/A is valid for rail 7.50-9.99, over 125″ and Class

3. 4/B is valid for rail 7.50-9.99, under 125″

4. A JMMC Provisional license is valid for Rookie drivers in Dexterities, Sprints and Circuit and can only be used for their first year of competition.

5. A JMMC National Driver license is the minimum license requirement for all Drivers in Sprints, Rallies & Circuit events except in the case of a Rookie as above.

6. International licenses are valid for all local events as per the applicable discipline (karting/Race) plus applicable FIA event as per FIA Sporting Code subject to the

Grades as applicable for those events

*To be considered eligible to drive in Rallies a competitor must have safely and successfully completed 3 Speed events (A Dexterity is not a speed event)

Event Sanction fee:

Drags Event; $27,500

Circuit Event: $27,500

Sprint Event: $27,500

Stages Rally Event: $27,500

Karting Event: $16,500

Dexterity Event: $16,500

Endorsement Fee

As per FIA Sporting Code, Demonstration and exhibition events falls under the purview of the ASN and will attract an endorsement fee.

Exhibition/Demonstration: $10,000.00

Event Insurance

Insurance for events may be subject to change based on requirements from Insurers.

The fees outlined below are the being given as provisional costs pending confirmation from the insurers:

Dexterities $15,000 premium + service fee + GCT

Sprints: $15,000 premium + service fee + GCT

Rallies: $3,500 premium per competitor + service fee & GCT

**A Minimum premium: $25,000 + service fee + GCT is applicable for events with under 7 competitors.

Drag: $50,000 premium + service fee + GCT

Please note Insurance provision is an external service and as such the insurance fees are subject to change without prior notice based on the terms and conditions outlined by the insurance providers.



February 21 – MBMC Sprint #1 & 2: Badda Badda Raceway, St. Ann (Surface type: Gravel/Dirt)

April 26 – DRC Sprint #1: Tru Juice Fields, Bog Walk, St. Catherine (Surface type: Gravel/Dirt)

June 14 – MBMC Sprint #3: Venue TBD, (Surface type: Gravel/Dirt)

August 23 – DRC Sprint #2: Brighton River, St. Elizabeth (Surface type: Gravel/Dirt)

September 27 – MBMC Sprint #4: Montego Bay, St James; (Surface type: Tarmac*)

October 25 – DRC Sprint #3: Tru Juice Fields, Bog Walk, St. Catherine (Surface type: Gravel/Dirt)

*Venue & surface type subject to change / ¥ Venue subject to change


March 15 – MBMC Gravel Rally #1: Hampden Estates, Trelawny¥

July 5 – MBMC Raynor King Rally #2 – Frome, Westmoreland

Sept. 13 – DRC Rally #1: Bog Walk, St. Catherine (Surface type: Gravel/Dirt)

Nov 28-30 – FIA NACAM JMMC RALLY JAMAICA – Kingston/St. Catherine

(Surface 90%Gravel, 10% Tarmac)


Feb. 28 – Mar. 1 – SpeedWest /JRDC –Drag Meet & CMRC Leg1

April 5-6 – JRDC Carnival of Speed, Dover Raceway, St. Ann

May 23-24 – JRDC Labour Day Meet, Dover Raceway, St. Ann

Aug. 1-2 – JRDC Emancipation of Speed, Dover Raceway, St. Ann

Oct 18-19 – JRDC Heroes of Speed, Dover Raceway, St. Ann


Feb. 28 – Mar. 1 – SpeedWest /JRDC –Drag Meet & CMRC Leg1

March 29 – NDRC Drag Challenge #1: Vernamfield, Clarendon

May 2-3 – JAMWEST Drag Meet #2, Jamwest Speedway, Westmoreland

May 17 – NDRC Drag Challenge #2: Vernamfield, Clarendon

June 6-7 – JAMWEST Drag Meet #3, Jamwest Speedway, Westmoreland

July 26 – NDRC Drag Challenge #3: Vernamfield, Clarendon

Oct. 4 – JAMWEST Drag Meet #4, Jamwest Speedway, Westmoreland

Oct. 11 – NDRC Drag Challenge #4: Vernamfield, Clarendon

Dec. 6 – JAMWEST Drag Meet #5, Jamwest Speedway, Westmoreland

Dec. 13 – NDRC Drag Challenge #5, Vernamfield, Clarendon


March 8 – JKA Meet #1: Palisadoes Raceway, Kingston

April 19 – JKA Meet #2: Palisadoes Raceway, Kingston

May 31 – JKA Meet #3: Palisadoes Raceway, Kingston

July 12 – JKA Meet #4: Palisadoes Raceway, Kingston

August 16 – JKA Meet #5: Palisadoes Raceway, Kingston

Sept. 20 – JKA Meet #6 Palisadoes Raceway, Kingston

November 1 – JKA Meet #7: Palisadoes Raceway, Kingston

December 6– JKA Meet #8: Palisadoes Raceway, Kingston


March 22 – DRC Dexterity #1

June 28 – DRC Dexterity #2: Ken Jones Aerodrome, Portland

August 9 – MBMC Dexterity #1

November 15 – DRC Dexterity #3

December 26 – MBMC Dexterity #2

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2015 JMMC Competition lisence

Hello All,

Please be advised that all competitors MUST wishing to compete in racing events on the 2015 motorsports calendar MUST apply for and have their license processed BEFORE the events they wish to enter.

The RECOMMENDED timeline is a minimum 3 weeks BEFORE the event date they plan to compete in.

The following is required to be submitted for your license application:

1. Completed 2015 license application form;  along with the

2. Medical Form (for new applicants, persons over 60 and International license applicants) or Medical Self Declaration (for renewals of National License applications)

3. Photograph (for new applicants and/or persons who did not submit a photo in 2014)

4. Payment for license application (cash/cheque made payable to JMMC/proof of deposit, if done by direct deposit to JMMC account –see bank info below)

NB License payments can be made via Bank deposit at any NCB Branch or at the JMMC Office. See bank details below:

Account # 371001727

Account Name: Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club,

Account type: Current

Branch: Matildas Corner

Please ensure you submit all the relevant supplementary documents that may be needed as explained on page 1 of the Competition License Application form .

The following forms are attached for your use:

1. 2015 JMMC Competition License application form

2. JMMC Medical Form

3. JMMC Medical Self Declaration Form

Attached also is the list of fees for licenses as well as the 2015 Motorsports Calendar.

Kindly note the first event on the 2015 calendar will be MBMC Sprint 1 & 2 scheduled for Saturday February 21, 2015 at Badda Badda Raceway in St. Ann.    This is a double header event as they will be having two sprints over a one day period one in the morning and the other in the evening night.

Please ensure you submit all your information for license application before the event date to be able to race at the event as no license application processing will be done at the event venue.

The JMMC office is open Monday to Fridays 9am to 4pm.  The office numbers are: 630-4898; Fax 630-7575; email:jamotoringclub@gmail.com.

License application can be submitted by email and/or fax or taken directly into the office located at 6 Westminster Road, Kingston 10.

Competitors may also coordinate submission through their affiliate clubs however please note that the onus is on the competitor to ensure they submit ALL the relevant information required and making a submission through your club DOES NOT mean automatic approval of your license.

Once an application is made through your affiliate club, competitors are being reminded to follow-up with the ASN office for processing of same.

Best regards

6 Westminster Road, Kingston 10 Jamaica, WI

Mailing Address: Box 216, Western District PO, Kingston 20.

Telephone: (876) 630-4898

Fax: (876) 630-7575
Mobile:  (876) 322-5314

Website: www.jamaicamotorsports.com

Email: jamotoringclub@gmail.com

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2015 CMRC

CMRC15-01: December 17, 2014

Four rounds confirmed for Seaboard Marine CMRC 2015

The Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) will be fought out over four rounds for the first time in 2015. Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago will each host a round of the premier regional championship, with Seaboard Marine confirmed as title sponsor for the sixth year.
Just days after a landmark weekend for regional motor sport, during which two-man teams from the four host countries faced one another in the inaugural ROC Caribbean (December 13) at the Race Of Champions staged at Bushy Park Barbados, the Caribbean Motor Racing Association (CMRA) announced next year’s dates.
Ray Rahaman, Chairman of the CMRA Management Committee, which administers the CMRC’s sporting and technical regulations, said: “We are motivated by the success of the restructured 2014 series, with revised regulations that allowed for the most subscribed and competitive race car and driver participation on our regional racetracks to date.
“Regional motor racing can only become more exciting in 2015 when we stage a four-round series, and with additional emphasis on all the classes that will support Group 4, as we spread the net wider and include more competitors.”
Seaboard Marine’s Vice President, Caribbean Division, Stephen Bell said: “We are very pleased to continue our sponsorship of the CMRC and are looking forward to working with the Caribbean Motor Racing Association to enhance the appeal of the series and to foster great camaraderie among Caribbean peoples.”
The Championship will kick off in Jamaica over the weekend of February 28/March 1, which is earlier than usual – in recent years, CMRC has started in May – with Trinidad & Tobago hosting round two on June 20/21; the third round will be in Barbados on September 12/13, with the decider in Guyana, on November 14/15.
Not only does the curtain-raiser move to an earlier date, but also away from Dover Raceway to a new venue, the Jamwest Speedway, as part of a huge launch of Jamaica’s 2015 motor sport season, the International SpeedWest Weekend. Charles Chen, Chairman of the Jamaica Race Drivers’ Club (JRDC), the CMRA affiliate in Jamaica, said: “Having missed the chance to host a round of the CMRC in 2014, we’re excited about this new venture. We recognise that the success of the CMRC is important and that it will always drive the best out of us and therefore improve the quality of our sport locally.”
The Trinidad & Tobago Automobile Sports Association (TTASA) returned to the Championship for the first time in eight years as a host club in 2014, after motor sport enthusiasts from across the island joined forces to restore the Wallerfield circuit to a useable condition. TTASA President Robert Amar said: “As the Caribbean solidifies the Championship and new infrastructure in the sport becomes available, we anticipate sponsors will be attracted to support the CMRC, which will soon become the region’s premier motor racing event.”
After missing out on hosting the CMRC last year for the first time since 2008, because the redevelopment of Bushy Park was already under way, Barbados staged the opening round of the 2014 series earlier than usual in July. Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI) Chairman Sean Maloney explained: “The Barbados round has traditionally been in late August or early September, and we are pleased to move back, as this year’s date meant some clashes with other island activities, which impacted on our event.”
The only date in the calendar to remain in the same slot is the traditional season finale at the South Dakota Circuit. Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) President John Carpenter commented: “Each year, our motor racing season builds towards the Final Showdown of the CMRC, which always provides close and spectacular racing. As the winners of both the Country Championship and Group 4 Drivers title in 2014, we look forward to welcoming the cream of regional drivers to settle next year’s competition.”
Further details of the sporting and technical regulations of the 2015 CMRC will be announced in the coming weeks.

Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship 2015
February 28/March 1 – round 1, Jamwest, Jamaica
June 20/21 – round 2, Wallerfield, Trinidad & Tobago
September 12/13 – round 3, Bushy Park Barbados
November 14/15 – round 4, South Dakota, Guyana

For media information only. No regulatory value.

For further information, e-mail: cmramotorsports@gmail.com

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Ferry Industrial Terrace
10 Argyle Road, Kingston 10
Tel-(876)934-1288 / 322-5314. E-Mail: JMC@KASNET.COM, jamotoringclub@gmail.com