MBMC Back to Basics Dexterity #1

Pos’n Name Car 1st run 2nd run 3rd run C’ship C’ship pos

1 Cleve Ottey Toyota Starlet 00:54.680 00:46.740 00:44.670 01:30.980 2
2 Stephen Silvera Datson 120y 00:46.310 00:46.155 00:45.310 01:31.230 3
3 Chris-John Addison Toyota Corolla SR5 00:46.010 00:48.130 00:45.590 01:31.860 4
4 Nicholas Barnes Toyota Corolla DX 00:51.230 DNF 00:55.440 01:44.140 7
5 Patrick Gore Toyota Corolla SR5 00:51.620 00:50.165 00:55.260 01:35.560 5
6 Dennis Bicarie Toyota Starlet 00:57.860 00:52.040 00:51.670 02:04.340 9
7 Kingsley Scott Toyota Corolla 01:36.480 DNS DNS DNS

1 Ameer Johnson Toyota Corolla Levin 00:49.560 01:14.815 00:45.015 01:30.260 1
2 Raynor King Honda Civic 00:53.950 00:51.390 00:49.240 01:40.640 6
3 Brandon King Honda Civic 00:50.590 00:52.275 00:54.810 01:48.320 8
4 Walton Small Toyota Corolla DNF DNF DNF DNF 10


Jamaica Karting Association 2013 Class Championships

Jamaica Karting Association 2013 Class Championships

Comer 50

1st Ryan Chisolm

2nd Zander Williams

3rd Mattea Issa

Comer 80

1st Mark Moodie

2nd Duncan Stanley

3rd Thomas Gore

Rotax Minimax

1st Justin Sirgany

2nd Mark Anthony Eaton

3rd Senna Summerbell

Rotax Junior

1st Thomas Issa

2nd Williams Myers

3rd Jonathan Law

Rotax Senior

1st Fraser McConnell

2nd Matthew Williams

3rd Collin Daley Jnr

Rotax Masters

1st Mark Minott

2nd Peter Moodie Jnr.

3rd Sheldon Morgan

Jamaica Karting Association 2013 Abe Ziadie Overall Championship

1st Place Thomas Issa

2nd Place Fraser McConnell

3rd Place Mark Moodie

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JRDC 2013 championship winners and awardees


B45N Walton Small Toyota Corolla AE91
Walton was not in attendance at the function.

B45FI Kirby Smallhorne Toyota Starlet

B38 Lincoy Small Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV

B32 Samantha Summerbell Honda Civic
Award accepted by her father, David Summerbell as Samatha was not in attendance

B27 Andre Anderson Mitsubishi Mirage

MP1 Natasha Chang Honda Civic

MP2 Kyle Gregg Honda Civic

MP3 Andre Anderson

MP4: David Summerbell Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Motorcycle Class B: Jason Campbell

Motorcycle class A and overall motorcycle champion: Rory McDonald

Rookie motorcycle: Kyle Reynolds. Award accepted by Samantha Rae

Thundersport Class 1: Alan Chen Toyota Starlet

Thundersport Class 2: Douglas Gore Audi TT RS DTM
Douglas was not in attendance

Thundersport champions

Overall champion: Andre Anderson


Head table

L-R: Trudy Williams: advertising and marketing, JCK Consulting.
Norman Minott, chairman, Jamaica Race Drivers Club.
Michael Parkes, Marketing, GB Energy Group (Texaco)
Hilary Jardine, past president JRDC
Charles Chen, JRDC executive and chairman of the Technical Regulations Committee, competitor.

Peter Clarke, chairman of the jamaica Millennium Motoring Club, announcing that Andre Anderson has been nominated by the National Sporting Association as the Carreras Sportsman of the Year for circuit racing as well as the NACAM/FIA awardee for circuit racing, award to be presented in Panama on January 18 at the NACAM awards ceremony, to be attended by FIA president Jean Todt.

Winning team. Total team Summerbell Racing with sponsors and sponsor agents.

Andre with Total boss

Michele Marks of sponsors Seaboard Marine, Hilary Jardine OD, JP and Lisa Williams

Patrick Patterson, JRDC executive member and wife

More images here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10152081381514313&type=1

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Jamaica Observer article

King is crowned

Rory Daley

Friday, December 06, 2013

It was a tearful Daryl King who took home the 2013 Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club/Drivers Rallysport club rally sport title at the recently concluded Rally Jamaica in an epic battle that had fans on their toes from the entry list for the event was tabled.

“It’s good to know that the King name is back on that trophy,” King told Auto.

Daryl King (left) sharing the good news that he was now 2013 JMMC/DRC Rallysport Champion with brother Rory and mother Marcell King. (PHOTO: RORY DALEY)

King has been on a mission to raise the trophy which was once held by several of his family members, including his late father Raynor King; his uncle, Strathon King; and his cousin Richard Rerrie.

The chase for Jamaica’s top title reached a climax with both King and perennial rival Matthew Gore heading to Rally Jamaica tied on 550 points. Having an outside chance were Dave Lee and Joel Jackson. As Lee didn’t enter the event, Jackson felt the edge was his as he stood to gain 150 points should he win his class, over the 130 points on hand for King and Gore. However, that optimism shifted when Gary Gregg, a former multiple Rally Jamaica winner, announced he’d be racing in JN8 with Jackson potentially taking valuable points should he win the class.

The pendulum then swung back in Jackson’s favour when Gregg lost his Lancer Evolution IX to a fire on the opening day.

“I didn’t even know the car was on fire. It was when I stopped and the marshal told me,” Gregg explained.

Gore would also exit on the first day when mechanical issues affected his Toyota Starlet, causing him to retire and lose out on the chance to take his third Rallysport title.

“We lost too much time to make up,” Gore said.

Daryl King in action

That left a straight fight between Jackson and King on day two. Given their finishing records, the odds were on Jackson as he led his class while being on target for a top-five finish. Fate would equalise things again as King slowed on the stage before the lunch halt.

“I saw oil coming from under the bonnet,” said King.

Just as the dipstick in his Honda Civic had failed, Jackson’s Subaru Impreza STi would also enter the major service area nursing a failed turbocharger. His team managed to change it for a new one, but it was all for naught.

“The remaining oil in the exhaust system caught fire and started to burn the car,” his co-driver Dmitri Dawkins told Auto, as Jackson was too dejected to speak.

Once the rally resumed, after marshals put the fire out, it was smooth sailing for King to the end.

“It was a long time coming,” King said.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/auto/King-is-crowned_15577089#ixzz2mt6qrlP

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Jamaica Observer article

NACAM breathes life into Rally JA

Panton defends Rally JA title

Rory Daley

Friday, December 06, 2013

AFTER a turbulent year, the recently concluded Rally Jamaica has gotten a second wind that may restore it to its former status as the Caribbean’s premium event.

Rally Jamaica has secured its position as a round of the North American Central America (NACAM) Rally Championship for the next three years.

On the cusp of victory for Barbados before being overtaken by the top two was Roger Skeete.


The announcement came at the rally prize-giving ceremony at The Knutsford Court Hotel, St Andrew, on Monday.

“I think this solidifies the quality of Rally Jamaica as the premier gravel rally in the region. Not only will we play host to NACAM competitors for the next three years, their awards ceremony will be held here next year as well,” said Lawrence Henriques, a director of Rallysport Promotions Limited (RPL), rights-holder for Rally Jamaica.

The new deal means a constant supply of international competitors, media exposure in new markets, and a move towards a standardised format for regional rallying.

This year Rally Jamaica was the sixth and final round of the NACAM Rally Championship, a regional series approved by the FIA, the world motorsports governing body. It struggled to find sponsorship dollars; however, through the efforts of RPL and the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC) the rally was more than enough to impress the several representatives from NACAM present.

“Rally Jamaica has great stages and amazing potential,” Javier Vargas, one of the two mandatory NACAM stewards, told Auto.

His fellow steward, Rafael Machado, echoed a similar sentiment. For Machado, the clear evidence of a rally culture was what got his attention.

“The event was well organised and the large crowds respect the cars,” he said.

Most important were the words of Carlos Cordero, president, NACAM Rally Championship.

“Six years ago our region in terms of rallying was non-existent to the FIA; now the last two Production World Rally Champions came from NACAM,” Cordero said.

Fans expecting Rally Jamaica to become a round of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in the future may be disappointed as Cordero has more achievable goals.

“NACAM needs to be the stepping stone for regional drivers. To go from local rallying outside of Europe into the WRC is a huge task, and NACAM is positioned to be the training ground for fresh talent of which Rally Jamaica is now a part,” Cordero explained.

The event itself saw Jamaican Jeffrey Panton retain his hold on the Rally Jamaica trophy by holding off the challenge of 2011 winner John Powell in his current generation World Rally Car (WRC).

“I really didn’t know what to expect from John’s car. The first day’s stages were rough, with the second day’s stages much better for us,” said Panton.

Powell conceded at the second day’s lunch halt that he was suffering from a lack of confidence in his Ford Fiesta WRC, and despite moving into second position was unable to close the gap.

The driver Powell deposed, Bajan Roger Skeete, finished third in his Subaru Impreza WRC. NACAM regulars Ricardo Trivino and Alejandro Lombardo took the fourth and fifth spots. JN8 went to another Bajan, Harold Morely; Thomas Hall took JA4, and Christopher McFarlane won JA3, with JA2 going to Daryl King.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/auto/NACAM-breathes-life-into-Rally-JA_15577143#ixzz2mt6D63h1

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Jamaica Gleaner Rally Jamaica 2013 report

Panton Reigns Supreme

Published: Monday | December 2, 20130 Comments

Jeffrey Panton's 2006 Ford Focus World Rally Car (WRC) emerging from a pool of water during the final day of the two-day 2013 Jamaica Millennium Motor Club (JMMC) Rally which concluded at the Tru-Juice Orchards, Bog Walk, St Catherine yesterday. - Ian Allen/Staff Photographer
Jeffrey Panton’s 2006 Ford Focus World Rally Car (WRC) emerging from a pool of water during the final day of the two-day 2013 Jamaica Millennium Motor Club (JMMC) Rally which concluded at the Tru-Juice Orchards, Bog Walk, St Catherine yesterday. – Ian Allen/Staff Photographer

Ryon Jones, Staff Reporter

Jeffrey Panton and his co-driver, Michael Fennell Jr, successfully defended their title in impressive fashion at the two-day 2013 Jamaica Millennium Motor Club (JMMC) Rally, which concluded at the Tru-Juice Orchards, Bog Walk, St Catherine, yesterday.

The duo, which competed in a 2006 Ford Focus World Rally Car (WRC), clocked a combined time of one hour 26 minutes and 19.495 seconds over the two days, which consisted of 18 stages. Their time was one minute and 36.834 seconds faster than their closest challenger, John Powell, and co-driver, Nicholas Telfer, in their 2012 Ford Fiesta WRC.

Panton, who increased his record for the most Jamaica Rally victories to eight, was winning his second major rally of the year, having won Rally Trinidad and placed second in Rally Barbados.

“It is never rewarding unless you have a lot of competition, a lot of other competitors, and a lot of people in the class to help build it, so the ones in the past with more competitors in the class were more rewarding,” Panton confessed to The Gleaner. “But I am very pleased to successfully defend and keep the trophy here.”


The Jamaica-born Powell, who resides in and represents Trinidad and Tobago, and Telfer finished with a combined time of one hour 27 minutes and 56.329 seconds over the two days.

“Jeffrey (Panton) drove very well. To me, he is the best driver in the English-speaking Caribbean,” a gracious Powell shared. “For next year, we will have to have a lot more practice before coming into this event and try and carry the competition a lot more to him (Panton).”

The top five is rounded off by Roger Skeete and Garry Clarke in a Subaru Impreza S12 WRC, Ricardo Trivino and Alex Haro in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10, and Alejandro Lombardo and Miguel Alvarado driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9, with times of 1:32:11.036, 1:39:44.761, and 1:40:56.677, respectively.

The fourth- and fifth-place finishers were competing as part of the final leg of the North American and Central American Motoring series.

Five-time champion, Gary Gregg, did not face the starter yesterday, as his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9, which caught fire during Saturday’s opening day in Lydford, St Ann, could not be repaired in time.


Yesterday’s closing day of the rally also saw another Jamaican duo of Joel Jackson and Dmitri Dawkins retiring their Impreza due to a fire suspected to have been triggered by an engine problem. The pair was fifth after the first day.

The incident, which occurred immediately after the ‘service halt’, resulted in a delay which forced the cancellation of stages 17 and 18. This reduced the stages for the day from 11 to nine.

That was the second delay of the day. An earlier stoppage was triggered by the collapse of a spectator, after having what Dr Derrick McDowell suspected to have been a stroke. The man was taken to the Linstead Hospital.

Only 15 competitors completed the nine stages of winding dirt road after Matthew Gore and Raymond Farquharson also pulled out with their Toyota Starlet after ending the opening day in 16th position, while the duo of Barbadian James Betts and Trinidadian Robert Cadiz were forced to call it quits after their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5 failed to restart after it came to a halt.


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