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OSTP – ASN:JM2015-01: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 24, 2015

The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club will be executing Phase 1 of its 2015 Official Safety Training Programme (OSTP), this weekend March 26-29, 2015. This programme is made possible through grant funding from the FIA along with local funding from the ASN & Affiliated sponsors. It is the second of two Grants that the ASN had applied for in 2014 which were approved. The first programme was the Young Driver Safety Programme (YDSP) which was successfully executed in July 2014; however, the OSTP was extended for completion in 2015 with approval from the FIA.

The OSTP will be done in 2 phases. This first phase will see training being provided for First- on-theScene responses and Fire Fighting. Both programmes are geared towards the training of Marshals in responding to on-the track emergencies as well as with fire-fighting incidents on the track or at any race event.
The second phase of the Training programme will be a 2-day Stewards Training Workshop which will be focused on the following; pre-event roles & responsibilities of the stewards; How the role of steward interrelates to other senior roles at an event; what do stewards do and why; Judicial matter
protocol, Reports Handling, Protest and Appeals, Administrative duties of a Steward etc.
Both progammes will be taught by Motor Sports Association (MSA) out of the United Kingdom which is an approved Regional Training Provider (RTP) of the FIA, with local support from the Jamaica Fire Brigade. The workshops will be held over the period Thursday March 26 to Sunday March 29, 2015.
The Stewards workshop will be conducted on March 27-28, while the first-on-the-scene seminar will be March 26 and Fire-fighting training on March 29, 2015.
Phase 2 will be held in May 2015 and will see the training of Scrutineers as well as a Train the Trainer component to ensure continuance of learning and development of the sport through knowledge share.
There will also be certification of marshals and other event officials where applicable in First Aid and certification as Safety Wardens.

If you need any additional clarification and/or information regarding the training session please contact
OSTP Project Manager, Marcia Dawes at 434-1755

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