Results Slippery Wen Wett JMMC Dexterity #4, Sunday December 11, 2011.

Slippery Wen Wett, JMMC Dexterity #4 report & results

The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club continued it’s drive towards conducting multiple motorsports events across the island when they held the fourth installment of the national dexterity championships at Pines Plaza, Junction, St. Elizabeth on Sunday, December 11, bringing motorsports entertainment once again to the speed loving south coast crowd that have made that venue arguably the most popular in recent times.

Made possible with the assistance of Kinkaid’s Cellular, Tyre Warehouse, KFC, Tru Juice, The Automotive Performance Centre Ltd., Scott’s Auto and ATL Automotive, the penultimate event saw all the leading championship contenders competing for overall honors, but there was a surprise in store as out of the blue, the traditional top finishers were all upstaged by a relative newcomer.

Overall victory.
Ameer Johnson, driving the Team mad Dem Toyota Corolla Levin rally car in the front wheel drive with limited slip differential (FWD LSD) class, posted the fastest overall and fastest two wheel drive time of the event in the single lap runs of 1min.00.01 secs, just milliseconds ahead of multiple dexterity champions Christopher “Teach” McFarlane (1.00.04) and Maurice “Whitty” Whittingham (1.00.67) in the front wheel drive (FWD) and rear wheel drive with limited slip differential (RWD LSD) classes respectively.

Rear Wheel Drive with LSD
In this the most populous class that saw 17 competitors entered in the class that displays the most flamboyant and crowd pleasing drivers, 1st place was again the domain of Whittingham as previously mentioned, while 2nd place was taken by veteran Christopher “Chippy” Addison in the immaculately prepared Kinkaid’s Cellular Toyota Corolla SR5, with Cleve “Cutta Hype” Ottey rounding out the top three.

Multiple Champion
Multiple class champion Christopher “Teach” McFarlane was the sole entrant in the front wheel drive class, but notwithstanding the lack of competition, his winning time was good for 2nd overall, proving that the competition in this genre of the sport is really against the clock more than anything or anyone else.

Championship Run.
Accumulating a total points tally now of 72 points with his third place in the two lap championship run, Maurice Whittingham has again wrapped up another overall dexterity championship, having won titles on occasions too many to list here. Upstaging him for the win of this round was McFarlane who posted a winning time of 2 min.02.33 secs. and arch rival Ottey who captured 2nd spot by stopping the clocks at 2 min.03.03secs. to Whittingham’s 2 min.05.65 secs.

The 2011 national dexterity championship series culminates on Tuesday, December 27 at Whitter Village in Ironshore, Montego Bay with the staging of Wet ‘n Slide, the Go green Edition, starting at 3pm.

Name                        Car            1st run 2nd run 3rd run Best Time


1. Maurice Whittingham Toyota Starlet 1.01.70 1.00.67 1.03.61 1.00.67

2. Christopher Addison Toyota Corolla SR5 1.00.92 1.01.59 1.00.78 1.00.78

3. Cleve Ottey Toyota Starlet 1.05.57 DNF 1.01.46 1.01.46

4. Jamar Kinkaid Toyota Corolla 1.01.74 1.05.43 1.02.59 1.01.74

5. Christopher Scott Toyota Corolla 1.04.98 1.17.00 1.06.21 1.04.98

6. Salvador Davis Toyota Corolla 1.13.39 1.05.21 1.13.56 1.05.21

7. Randall Singh Toyota Corolla DX 1.05.62 1.110.29 1.07.73 1.05.62

8. Dennis Bicarie Toyota Starlet DNF 1.08.34 1.06.50 1.06.50

9. Sanjay Singh Toyota Corolla DX 1.07.76 1.06.78 DNF 1.06.78

10. Marcus Barnes Toyota Corolla GTS 1.16.74 1.16.56 1.09.46 1.09.46

11. Gary Ellis Toyota Corolla DX 1.11.38 1.26.65 1.17.66 1.11.38

12. Mark Thompson Nissan 240 SX 1.18.47 1.13.51 1.18.16 1.13.51

13. Roger Lewison Nissan Silvia 1.22.72 1.23.71 1.14.71 1.14.71

14. Kingsley Scott Toyota Corolla DX 1.15.64 1.15.76 1.45.00 1.15.64

15. Patrick Smith Toyota Corolla DX 1.17.15 1.23.40 1.21.74 1.17.15

16. Shane Rhoomes Nissan 300 ZX 1.49.13 DNS DNS 1.49.13

17. Mark Lim Nissan Silvia S14 DNF DNS DNS DNF


1. Ameer Johnson Toyota Corolla Levin 1.00.01 1.00.05 1.00.67 1.00.05

2. Courtney Wilson Mitsubishi Lancer GT 1.10.26 DNS DNS 1.10.26


1. Christopher McFarlane Mitsubishi ASX DNS 1.04.43 1.00.04 1.00.04

Championship run

1. Christopher McFarlane 2.02.33

2. Cleve Ottey 2.03.03

3. Maurice Whittingham 2.05.65

4. Christopher Addison 2.10.44

5. Salvador Davis 2.14.75

6. Sanjay Singh 2.16.31

7. Marcus Barnes 2.21.74

8. Gary Ellis 2.23.10

9. Randall Singh 2.25.03

10. Kingsley Scott 2.26.74

Fastest Overall and fastest 2WD Ameer Johnson

4×1 Relay winner Team Mad Dem

Maurice Whittingham

Marcus Barnes

Christopher McFarlane

Ameer Johnson

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