Regulations for Spot Valley $Million Series

Name of Series:  Spot Valley $Million Challenge

Organizer: Marcia Dawes-Lamey/Spot Valley Investments

Series Stewards: Stephen Gunter; Michael Bisnott


Events in series:

JMMC Sprint 4 – July 13, 2008

Raynor King Memorial Rally #3 – August 10, 2008

JMMC Sprint 5 – September 7, 2008

Spot Valley Dirt Rally – October 12, 2008

Team Entry & Compositions:

A “Team” shall consist of 3 cars. Team must have 1 RWD, 1FWD and the third car shall be of any drive train desired FWD, RWD or 4WD.

The Team MUST compete in ALL events in the series to be eligible for the Championship Awards.

Team Entries MUST be submitted on/or before July 13, 2008.

*A competitor may use a different car for each event as long is it is of the same classification and configuration as the car signed up on original entry, i.e. If car signed up was JA3/FWD then for the series the competitor has to stick to a JA3/ FWD car he/she cannot use a JA3/FWD car at event 1 then enter a JA3/RWD car in event 2.

Classes & Classifications

Classes shall be as per JMMC regulations & classifications.

Points shall be awarded to each car as per their finish position in class and BONUS points awarded for the RWD car in each team as per below classification with allotment based on number of cars in each category specified as per JMMC regulations below.

The categories for RWD shall be further broken down to be as follows:

§ RWD up to 1600cc

§ RWD 1601cc and above

§ RWD with Forced induction

ONLY 1 RWD in each time can be the bonus point earner for the team. For teams with 2 RWD cars the Team MUST declare before the start of each event which of the RWD cars will be the designated bonus point earner and this cannot be changed for that event.

**All forced induction cars are expected to have restrictors fitted to comply with JMMC regulations for eligibility. Open Class cars do not qualify for the series as they are not eligible to enter Rallies except in the case of Naturally aspirated RWD cars (See JMMC regulations).

Points and Awards

Only competitor who signed up as a TEAM on or before the commencement of Sprint 4 shall qualify for points under this SERIES.

Series Class Points Schedule:

Placing 3 Cars 4 – 6 Cars 7+ Cars

1st 110 130 150

2nd 70 100 110

3rd 50 80 90

4th 70 80

5th 60 70

6th 50 60

7th 50

8th 40

9th 30

10th + 20

All Non-finishers are credited with 10 points

For scoring purposes, a class entrant must record at least one (1) DNF in order to be counted amongst those that make up the class.

Challenge Series Awards shall be presented as follows:

§ 1st place – $600,000.

§ 2nd place – $300,000.

§ 3rd place – $150,000.


If for any reasons the SERIES does not run for the full 4 events then the points will be calculated and awarded based on number of events completed and the prize money awarded prorated as per the number of events completed for the series.

A minimum 8 teams is REQUIRED for the Series. If less than 8 Teams ENTER the series then the Championship Award will be prorated with the prize money being allotted as outlined below.

Awards shall be presented as follows:

§ 1st place $300,000;

§ 2nd place $200,000;

§ 3rd place $100,000.

Please note all event protests, queries issues for adjudication as it relates to THIS SERIES will be facilitated by the JMMC APPOINTED Independent Series Stewards Stephen Gunter and Michael Bisnott. All protests relating to points, placing and penalties et.al MUST be submitted in writing to the Event Organizer addressed to the Series Stewards no later than one hour after the publication of said points standing or end of any event in the series as it applies.

Event Organizer contact information is given below.

Prepared by: Marcia Dawes –Lamey (322-7988)

Event Organizer

Email: rallyprincess@gmail.com

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