The JRDC is currently finalizing a deal with the operators of Jamwest Speedway to host a full-feature shakedown event on March 3 at Jamwest Speedway. We are quite aware of the costs associated with entry to any event, hence we have negotiated the following incentive program:

– 100 Kumho (V70A tyres treadwear 50) at J$5,000 each available to JRDC members in sets of 4 – That’s $20,000 for a set of new DOT Race tyres from Tyre Warehouse
Tyre sizes are:

50 x 195/50/15
50 x 205/50/15

– Free wrecker transportation for the first 30 registered drivers who request the service – That’s free round-trip transportation to/from the racetrack on a schedule

– Free Saturday night hotel room for Driver – That’s the ability to overnight with a free room the night before the event courtesy of the Jamwest Team

– $2,500 Entry Free – Same entry fee as normal, but this allows the above perks for most drivers

– Prize Fund – Even with the above perks being handed out, there is still a prize fund paid from 1st to 4th place in all races

– Increased media coverage from season lead-up – More information on this will be released next week

The above is designed to help a large number of drivers/teams fund their efforts for Carnival of Speed on Easter Monday, increase their exposure, allow for a low-cost shakedown of their vehicle before our Season Opener and introduce our Driver’s to a new facility in a professional manner.

We need to know who is interested:

The JRDC wishes to invite ALL drivers who may have an interest in running this event to contact us at jrdc@ymail.com or 924.5732

It is imperative that we know the interest by Sunday February 17th so we can look at the schedule of events for race-day. Betty from the JRDC office will make an effort to contact competitors in the next 2 days, however please call or email your interest just in case we are unable to speak with you for whatever reason.

As we are still finalizing the JRDC/Jamwest partnership, we will have more information on how to access the incentive program will be released on Monday February 18.

Please note that the JRDC Team is quite aware of the proximity of the Jamwest March 3 event to the April 1 event at Dover, and is making and big effort to make our season opening event bigger than ever for spectators and competitors alike.

Stay tuned for more news releases from the JRDC.


Christopher ‘Teach’ McFarlane

The JRDC will have a revenue share program for its members in 2013

The JRDC needs the help of ALL its members and supporters in ensuring that our 2013 Championship Season is very successful, and drives increased spectator viewing, which in-turn will drive sponsorship opportunities for all involved.


It has been decided to test the effectiveness of Pre-Sold Tickets for the 2013 Championship Season, and as such the JRDC Executive will be presenting to its members a revenue share program with its members, as an incentive for membership.

Pre-Sold Ticket Packages will be made available to all members & sponsors for retail, in return for a percentage split of the revenue they bring in.  The Pre-Sold prices will be VERY attractive to spectators, and with additional attractions coming to Dover in Easter, the ‘want-to-attend’ factor will increase, helping our members with their selling efforts.

Sell to co-workers, friends, customers, the man on the bus, etc.  Better yet, sell the tickets through your own sponsors place of business to help tie them into your success.

The goal is to sell 5,000 Pre-Sold tickets through our membership. There will be a bonus for the Top 3 Members and/or Sponsors who sell the most tickets before March 28.  Winners will be announced at the prize giving.

FACT: The Pre-Sold Revenue Share concept was successfully used by Team Brown’s Town at the Tyre Warehouse Dover Reversed event held in 2010, and helped fund the appearance of their entire team.

Stay tuned for more news releases from the JRDC…

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